How to Choose the Right Addiction Counseling Center for You

The first step toward recovery is admitting you need help, and not it's time to find it. Here's how to find the best addiction counseling program for you.

If someone you care about has a drug abuse problem, they're far from alone. In fact, estimates suggest that over 24 million people struggle with drug or alcohol addiction.
These addictions affect not only the user but all of those who are closest to them. This is why drug addiction counseling is so crucial. But choosing the right place to seek treatment out of many addiction treatment centers can be daunting. How do you know what to look for when choosing outpatient rehab?

Read on to find out.

Where Is the Treatment Facility Located?

There are over 14,000 alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers in the United States. This means that there's likely one somewhere in your general area. But is the one nearest to where you live the best option?
The location of a facility should be a factor when determining where you'll send your loved one for recovery. The key is removing your family member out of their everyday environment. This way they can have a fresh start.

Many addicts do well in a serene atmosphere where they can find peace and solitude and focus on nothing but recovery. Addicts need a place where they can relax and let go of the stress that usually surrounds them.

Co-Ed or Not?

When you're in a facility for a lengthy period of time, you spend a lot of time interacting with the others in treatment at the same time. There will be group activities, therapy sessions, and meals together from time to time. Romantic feelings can sometimes develop which can lead to distraction.

As you consider addiction treatment centers, keep this possibility in mind. You might opt for a Co-Ed treatment facility or a single gender facility, depending on the needs and circumstances of your family member.

Quality of Addiction Counseling Staff

As you consider your treatment center options, take a good look at the staff members. Ask about their accreditations and credentials. Ask for references and search online for feedback about facilities and their staff members. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions about their experience and background.

You want staff members that are understanding and sympathetic but firm so they can help your loved one succeed.

A good case manager should listen to your situation and offer individualized treatment support.

Those who suffer from addictions often have trust issues. The best staff members are trustworthy, caring, and able to form a real connection with patients. Consider whether you think your loved one will be better suited to a male or female case manager.

Length of Stay Options

Adequate length of treatment is a big predictor for recovery success. For some, addiction is so serious and has gone on for so long, that a lengthier treatment is needed.

Families should consult with a doctor that specializes in addiction recovery. Their doctor can provide a length of treatment recommendation.

Some treatment facilities offer only a single duration of treatment time, but this length of time might not be enough for some. When looking for addiction counseling and treatment, families should seek a facility that offers different treatment lengths based on individual client needs.


Just as educational institutions can be accredited, so can rehab facilities. When looking for the best addiction treatment centers, look for those that have "Joint Commission Behavioral Health" accreditation.

Having this accreditation indicates that the treatment center is transparent. They will have opened themselves up to outside experts for review. These experts will check in on the treatment center to make sure that the services provided are valid and legal.

Being accredited is a sign that a treatment center takes their job seriously. It shows that the staff and administration are dedicated to developing the best programs for their clients' recovery.

Look For Addiction-Specific Treatment Centers

It's worth noting that some treatment centers specialize in treating specific addictions. Some might specialize in treating drug addictions, other in alcohol addictions. Others specialize in behavioral disorders such as sex addiction or eating disorders
Look for a facility that specializes in the type of addiction counseling that your loved one needs. It's also important to find a facility with staff that is trained in treating the specific needs that your family member needs most.

Room for Family Involvement

Many treatment facility programs make it possible for other family members to receive counseling. This makes it easier for them to support their loved one after they've left treatment. People with addictions can often feel very alone and misunderstood so having family involvement can be a great support.

Before you choose a treatment center, ask about any additional resources that are available to family members. Some centers offering counseling to extended family in an effort to assist with the transition after treatment has ended.

These programs can be especially beneficial for those who have a less than stable environment outside of treatment. The family involvement will help them feel supported and encouraged.

Unique Lifestyle Requirements

Take lifestyle factors into consideration when you search for a treatment facility. Some places make special accommodations for those of certain religious beliefs. There are also facilities that cater to specific age groups, physical or mental disabilities, or those who identify as LGBTQ.

Treatment centers that specialize in one of these areas can identify with addicts who feel like no one understands them.

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