These record breaking temperature lows seem to be sucking everyone's spirits. It's normal for shifts in temperature to trigger the blues, but hibernating under the covers in front of the television is not the solution.
So here are a few cures from Alex Wise of Loveawake a recognized expert on love, marriage and relationships, for cold-weather hangovers that will get you in the mood to mingle.

1. Maintain Your Beauty Regimen:

Chapped lips, scaly hands, cold sores and dry spots will leave you feeling anything but sexy. To keep confidence levels high it's important to take care of those beauty-busters all year round. If braving the cold to get a facial seems counter intuitive to you, then do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. To stock up on moisturizers and at-home facial products check out or and be sure you hydrate from the inside out by drinking plenty of water.

2. Sip on Some of the Good Stuff:

Can't muster up the strength to down a cold protein shake? Don't panic. There are plenty of cold-weather liquids that will do the trick. Unlike coffee, sipping on vegetable soups, herbal teas and hot cocoas that are power-packed with nutrients can help curb comfort food cravings and keep nerves at bay. Plus, making the switch from store-bought salads and smoothies to homemade soups can save you lots of money in the long run.

3. Keep Hot Dates:

Canceling plans on friends and dates is an easy pattern to fall into, but one that can set your social life into a tailspin. If all you want to be doing is nesting at home, try doing so in the company of others. Weekly poker nights, pot luck dinners and other informal get-togethers can be just what you need to keep those social juices flowing, so take a turn playing host/hostess. When venturing out, try finding warm & cozy meeting spots. Hot chocolate lounges like Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar in New York are a great place to meet for a date and there is certainly no shortage of tea houses --- just check out

4. Get Heated, Downward Doggie Style:

If you are looking for a cleansing, calorie-burning and cardio-pumping activity that is sure to keep you warm, nothing tops hot yoga! Bikram and Core Power Yoga are two intense workouts, in heated rooms of up to 105 degrees that attract plenty of hot men and women. There is nothing like a heated room to help you build up sweat, especially when there is some good eye candy next to you.

5. Find a Hot Escape:

While you may not be heading overseas this winter, you may want to take some warm-up queues from the folks in Finland and Japan where hot tubs and saunas are a cold weather ritual. Exposure to high temperatures and light for brief periods can help reduce stress hormones as well as muscle aches, lift the spirits and rid the body of toxins. With so many people indoors this time of year, it's not a very busy season for local day spas. So keep a look out for special seasonal offers from now until spring

6. Get Baked in a Group:

Left to one's own devices with a tray of homemade brownies, cupcakes or cookies can be a major holiday pitfall. Why do it alone when you can satisfy your cravings and keep portions in control while enjoying the company of strangers? Stop in on a weekend to a William Sonoma or Whole Foods to see and sample what they are whipping up in their demo kitchens.

7. Go for the Apres Fun:

While skiing may be a "rich man's sport" the after party is pretty much free and fun for all. If you are looking for something to do on a cold winter weekend, grab some friends and stroll around a ski village. There is nothing like spending a day perusing the shops, people watching and unwinding in front of a warm fire place.

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