Divorce or breakups can be devastating. Some people hide, others put on fake smiles -- and some get right back in the game without taking time to heal. One important thing you never want to lose during the process is your self-confidence.

Divorce or break-ups and the changes that follow cause stress both physically and emotionally. It is important to maintain habits that will minimize the stress of separation. You can come through a divorce or break up without causing undue stress on your body if you pursue quality self - care lifestyle.

Below are 10 simple tips to help you improve your self perception, your health and the way others perceive you!

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2 Take vitamins. We recommend a high quality natural multi-vitamin supplement to help your body deal with the stress, while at the same time provide your body with the nutrients needed for your overall health. http://www.MyFavoriteHealthStore.com

3 Get regular exercise. Preferably a metabolism boosting exercise. Choose an exercise from the Doctor Directed Weight Loss Program’s over 30 exercise videos. The cool thing is, done correctly it only takes you 7 -12 minutes per day, and you will be burning fat cells for up to 24 hours. Nothing works like the metabolism boosting exercises done correctly. They are simple to do and they can be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

4 Avoid bad habits. Many people can be pulled to drink, smoke, or do recreational drugs to deal with the stress of break up. Don’t give into temptation. Avoid any and all friends who have those habits, “Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals.” You have enough to deal with without adding a possible addiction.

5 Get your sleep. It is recommended that you sleep at least 7 hours per night. If your pillow needs changing, buy a new one; avoid using more than one pillow. Sleep with your body in a neutral position, not with your head kinked up. You don’t want to battle headaches and neck pain. If you feel tight take a hot bath before bed to relax, add some aroma therapy while you are in the bath. Getting sufficient rest will help you maintain a clear head to make decisions plus helps make you stronger to deal your life changes.

6 Eat a good diet. Don’t forget to eat. People may laugh at that one. But many who are stressed simply forget that they missed lunch, or been too busy for breakfast. Then its easy to make a high calorie, high carbohydrate meal in a box which simply slugs your body. Eat wholesome foods regularly. Keep high metabolism foods on hand. Drink plenty of water to help detox your body.

7 Let off steam. If you feel high anxiety, find a safe way to let off steam. Exercise, Cry, Scream into a pillow so the neighbors don’t get nervous. Buy one of those punching bags that you can hit and come back up again. Don’t hold anger inside or it can turn into depression.

8 Develop healthy self talk: Yes talk to yourself, tell yourself what God wants you to know. You are His child, you are being blessed and you are highly favored. You are valued, you are cherished. You are healthy and you are enjoying life and all that it has to offer. You look sexy, healthy and in control. You feel full of energy and multiple opportunities are coming your way, you are ready for them and you are winning. When you think you don’t have the strength, dig deeper. You’ll be amazed at what you never knew was inside of you.

9 Be Thankful: Yes I said be thankful. We should all be thankful in all things, and at this time in your life it is imperative that you look at everything and give thanks. This will change your attitude and you will be immediately attractive to others around you like bees to honey. Make your thankful list and don’t stop until you are at least to 50 things or people you are thankful for. Then add more to the list every day. Read your list daily – You will find yourself smiling all day. Make people wonder why your smile is so big.

10 Forgive others: Yes before you can move on you must forgive. Forgive everyone and anyone. Move forward with a clean slate. Forgiving others is the easiest way to leave the baggage behind you. Start with forgiving yourself.

Its time you get your grove back. Look Sexy, walk sexy, think sexy.
•Get a Make-over
•Lose Weight
•Get Toned
•Wear Make up
•New sexy hair style
•Get a Massage
•Purchase new underwear
•Show some skin
•Wear some heels

Looking sexy is a state of mind. Sexy is a part of each and every human, if you feel sexy you will therefore look sexy. You do NOT have to be a size one and be drop dead gorgeous to look sexy, to yourself or to another person.

If you don’t get your confidence back, there’s a good chance you’ll gain weight, feel depressed, unappreciated and overwhelmed. You may become cranky with the kids, competitive with younger, thinner sexier women, ashamed that we you not married and resign to never trust men again.

Understand there’s hope.
•Are you overworking, overeating or drinking too much to numb your feelings? Stop.

•Are you taking out your frustration on your coworkers or children? Stop.

•Are you buying into female competition? Stop.

•Are you saying cruel things to yourself like “What’s wrong with me? I’ll never find anyone.” STOP.

Most individuals need a little coaching to start life in the right direction, to lose the unwanted fat cells, to tone up your body and get back to toned and sexy, to eat the right foods, to find the healthy nutrition, to improve your “Self Talk” and make your first thank you list. Everything you need is available for you inside the Doctor Directed Weight Loss Program. http://www.DoctorWeightLossProgram.com

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Dr David Alan Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic, specialized in nutrition, noted author of multiple books and articles regarding health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, retired from private practice after logging over 220,000 patient visits in 20+ years in practice. He then developed a team of health experts to uncover the truth regarding weight loss. Together they are releasing the antidote to FAT with the Doctor Directed 14day Weight Loss Program. You can find it at http://www.DoctorWeightLossProgram.com