I know that sounds a bit dramatic but I know sometimes its daunting to look into next year. Or maybe it seems daunting every year! You always hear people say how important the planning is for the upcoming year but then it looks so huge in front of you sometimes.

How can I plan out 12 months? Or even more? Some people plan out the next 16 or 24 months! You can do this. Did you plan for last year? Yes? Did you follow your plan? Or no, you didn't even have a plan or if you did you didn't follow it.

You do need some basics in place. If you don't have these in place then that is a great place for you to start.

Do you know:

• Who your niche is?

• Who your ideal client is?

• What your product funnel looks like?

• Do you know your unique talents & gifts?

• Your Big Why? Why are you doing this in the first place?

This is a great place to start for you if you haven't done this beginning piece already.

Take a look at last year whether you had a plan or not. How did you do? Be honest. What did you do really well? What can you improve on?

I know, for myself, when I have a plan as to what I am going to do, I get more done. And I get it done in a more sane way.

I love to use on line calendars like www.wincalendar.com (There are many out there). You can pencil in or type in when a certain program when start and end. When are you going to market it? What other revenue producing activities are you going to do?

One of the tricks is to not think you're super woman and cram way too many things into your month or year. If you have space you can add something else if you wish. Or not.

The main key is for you to know your dream for your business. To know what you really want your business to look like and then make it work.

Are there new things you need to learn? Are there more things you can delegate so you can do those things you excel in and make you happy doing them?

This is not an article telling you step by step how to create a plan that can work. That can't be done in 500 words or so. This is an article that encourages you to not only think about this plan but to do something about it.

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