Managing products in woo commerce are similar to the activities that take place with the wp site care. These include adding posts, editing and assigning them to the varying categories. Their familiar interfaces help in getting started with the woo-commerce to word press users. You can get the product from the menu level for those who might be starting a new adventure in the woo-commerce platform. However, it offers various possibilities for arranging products.

Virtual and downloadable products

When choosing the virtual products, the setting in the matters of shipping is on the side on the left of the window. Once a virtual item is sold, it can be sent through the email, especially in PDF form, to reach the customer in physical form. This is because the customer can download it. As a seller, you will always get information on the products that are bought.


The inventory tabs help you in configuring how to manage the stock through the manual method. In case you are running out of a specific product, it is essential to set that it is unavailable to ease customers from searching. Such settings are crucial to the process of stock managing. The stock's value may be in stock or out of stock. However, it is good relying on automation more where the enable option of the systems can detect the state of the stock. It will be more convenient for managing the products as it needs less work from you.


It means that your clients can place orders for the products that are not physically available in the store. If you can easily receive the warehouse products from the leading distributors, it is advisable activating this option.


While selling physical products, you can set parameters of the products in terms of its eight and size. You can configure the class of shipping since shipping similar products, but they may be in the different types of shipping. The flexible shipping plug-in usually supports shipping classes of distinct items. With the plug-in, you are in a position to set the shipping cost depending on its weight.

Linked products

It involves p-selling and cross-selling, which means having to sell with a more expensive option and selling the related products to the ones chosen by the customer. This happens when the possibilities of the previously browsed by the customers get suggested on the cart pages.


It is an additional feature that is used for filtering products found on the product list, for instance, if a customer wants an item of a similar color, but they are given another available color.


In this article, I have given the basics issues that are required in the process of product management. Managing products in woo commerce is not difficult if you have the skill of adding simple items.

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