The most important and best way to lose weight is to stay motivated on your mission to lose weight. This is rather the most challenging thing to pursue but this is the most practical answer to the question how to lose weight fast? Most of us are not dedicated to our goal to lose weight. If we set our goals right, we will lose weight fast and maintain it too in the long run. for more details visit on

We first will review the basic tips on how to lose weight :
Eat minimum 5 servings of fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are packed with fibers, anti oxidants and vitamins. They fill your stomach fast. This makes you feel full early. They are comparatively low in calorie.

Watch the amount :
One serving of pasta or half a cup of cooked pasta is a portion that is good enough for you. But, most of the restaurants serve 4 servings of pasta. Well, you need not finish all of this. You can simply ask them to pack the leftover for you.

Avoid Skipping Meals:
Eating small meals on a frequent basis helps your calorie intake to be balanced throughout the day and it keeps the blood sugar levels balanced too.

Wholesome fresh foods :
Purchase a lot of fresh food and avoid packaged food or processed food, and convenient foods like fast food. Packaged foods are loaded with sodium and fat content. Most of the people will be surprised but you will lose weight if you pack home cooked lunch instead of eating outside.

Don’t be too restricted :
We all love to treat on some foods. Allow the indulgence of eating your favorite food at times. But watch out how frequently you indulge. Having a treat occasionally is surely rewarding to your weight loss regimen but cutting too much on your cravings will lead to a relapse.

Watch the labels::
A product labeled as fat free does not imply it is low on calorie. Similarly, if a product carries the label low cal or low sugar does not imply that it is low in fats or calorie. Read the ingredients and the nutritional label carefully, it will show how low on calories it is.

Keep a journal or blog:
Maintain a journal or blog to track your daily diet and keep reviewing it. Make the necessary changes when needed. If possible let your dietician review your journal.

No substitute to exercise :
Add weight bearing exercises two times a week. This helps you burn excess calories you have added.

Tips on staying motivated to lose weight :

Focus on the journey not the destination :
Most people focus on the end of the goal, on the destination and get overwhelmed. Keep yourself motivated by thinking on smaller goals on a daily basis and enjoy your journey each day towards losing weight. Create daily and weekly goals.

Reason your goal :
Find a valid and motivating reason to lose weight. You can thus remind yourself why you want to diet. You need to lose weight for yourself, but if you want to do it for your kids that is quite a good motivating factor. If you are maintaining a diet for health reasons, create a list of the adverse effects of not losing weight. Stick this list in a place that is most visible to you so that you see it more often. want more information click here

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