After serving over 4000+ customers with StartupHR Toolkit over the past 1 year, Sutra Services Private limited has launched “Smart Business Box”. It includes 400+ business & legal agreements, pitch- decks, presentations, & reports. Smart Business Box helps businesses grow in a structured manner.

The idea is to help the business owner save lacs of legal and business consultant fees, at the same time protect your business from any legal hassle.

All the templates and presentations are customizable, professionally designed, and easy to use, helping you save countless hours.
Publishing, storing & sharing documents on is a proven way to organize, secure and provide access publicly or privately to your document content.

The company is known to expand and diversify whenever it can. It has launched two versions of Smart Business Box, SBB India and SBB global. With this product, the company aims to target over 100 million small businesses across the globe. It is a known fact that making any Business Docs is a time-consuming process. Imagine wasting precious time in writing and drafting documents, which in itself would not be an affordable thing to do. This has generated great demand for a product like Smart Business Box, which is here to solve all your business documentation problems.

Having worked with thousands of Small businesses and Startups for over the decade helped the team understand the need for a product that makes the whole documentation process hassle-free.

Smart Business Box is majorly targeted towards SMEs, young entrepreneurs, business consultants, lawyers etc.
They aim to be the go-to product when it comes to the Business and Legal documentation process. The box contains 200+ Business Agreements, 30+ Pitch-decks, 30+ Legal Notices & Reports. and much more. All our documents are available in most used format i.e Word, Excel & PDF.
It also contains 25+ COVID-19 documents and safety signage.

The company provides all of the above through Smart Business box for a fraction of the amount that would otherwise be spent in making such documents through a Lawyer. Even if there is a designated Legal department, Smart business box makes them more efficient. It is designed to save both time and money.

Mr WaqarAzmi, Founder & CEO, Sutra Services Private Limited, the company behind Smart Business Box said, "Our experience of over a decade in dealing with Startups and SMEs has made us aware of the many problems faced by them in their day-to-day life. Business Agreements and documentation is on top. Official documents create credibility among stakeholders by showing that whether it’s a client or vendor, they are treated fairly and consistently. We have compiled over 400+ Business and Legal documents from some of the most experienced Business professionals and Entrepreneurs in the industry. All of the documents are legally compliant and are up to date. Our vision is to be the go-to destination for any Business or legal documentation for any business owner across the globe." Created from scratch by experienced lawyers and business consultants.

The Smart Business box Indian version is available between 3999-5999 RS. The Global version is available anywhere between 79-99 USD only. In the wake of current COVID crisis, the company has added over 25+ Covid-19 documents & 20+ Safety Signages to make your workplace safe.

Smart Business Box has recently started an affiliate program wherein members can become an affiliate and earn Rs. 1500/- per Business Box that's sold through their reference. You can buy Smart Business Box now and protect your business from the Corona Crisis.

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About SutraHR:
SutraHR is one of Asia's fastest-growing HR companies that aspire to be amongst the top three HR companies based out of India in the next two years. The aim is to become a highly experiential and inspiring HR brand. SutraHR works with companies in the e-commerce, mobile, and new-age technology space, where companies go from zero to billion dollars in less than five years. As a market leader, the company has a massive advantage of revolutionizing HR practices in India. SutraHR is a multi-million dollar enterprise having the strength of 100+ employees and gunning for 250+ employees in a year.

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