Okay, so we have all heard it time and again, right?

Eat your veggies.

I mean, seriously, since we were kids all kinds of people, health professionals, articles and reports have been pushing the vegetable thing on us.

So, there has to be something behind all that wisdom and I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at the benefits of vegetables – you know, the “busy person’s” bulletized list. And so, here it is:

Some Great Things About Vegetables
- Low in fat
- Rich sources of vitamins and minerals
- Great source of anti-oxidants which protects body from dis-ease and boosts immunity
- Contain soluble and insoluble fiber which aids in easier elimination

So, that is the list we are probably all used to reading and hearing about, right? Then I started really looking hard at the following list, which I think is much more interesting because just about everyone I know fits into one (or more) of the following bullets. Which means…everyone I know could benefit from eating MORE vegetables, especially dark, green leafy ones.

The Benefits of Vegetables
Colorful (and dark green leafy) veggies have been recognized to:
- Provide greater cancer protection
- Protect against diabetes
- Protect against cardiovascular disease
- Be beneficial in a weight loss or maintenance lifestyle
- Aid in lowering blood pressure
- Reduce risk of developing kidney stones
- Help decrease bone loss
- Have an alkalizing effect in our body which is believed to reduce pain & inflammation, improve immune function & much more!

Okay, I know I am looking at that list and saying, “WOW!” – everyone I know is somewhere on that list and can start benefitting right now by simply getting more vegetables in their life everyday.

Sounds simple.

But, you know what? I totally get that eating enough vegetables everyday can get, well, kinda boring for many. So, I have a solution!

What better way to get all the powerhouse nutrients your body is craving (and requires, quite frankly) than through juicing? There is really no better way to get all the fabulous green-goodness your body and immune system need daily. I know that, personally, there is no way I could ever eat all the vegetables my body needs, and daily juicing is the only means to get that type of nutrient intake. It is a fabulous way to give your body the full benefit of vegetables!

Author's Bio: 

Tina Pruitt is passionate about living life out loud and sharing with others the wildly outstanding benefits of green juicing for vibrant, healthy living and shares her healthy, green living techniques and insights via her blog and ezine at www.tinapruitt.com. If you're ready to jump into a healthy lifestyle, be sure to sign up for the mailing list at www.tinapruitt.com