Welcome to the magical world of physical therapy, a science and a healing art that has been in prominence since hundreds of years.

Medical science may have undergone a vast change over the years, but physical therapy still finds a large number of takers. The art form has been practiced by therapists and chiropractors for centuries, but nowadays, the value of physical therapy has increased manifolds!

Do you sometimes not feel that the body is fatigued out or aching endlessly for a long time, leading to difficulties like trouble sleeping, apnea or even nausea. So is it right to say that it is our lifestyle which is to blame?

Let's quickly run through some Lifestyle disorders which have become the call of the day.

o Working for long hours before the computer terminal without taking a break in between.

o Similarly, travelling for long hours could be the culprit.

o Not finding time for exercise and workouts.

o A lifestyle which is a shade sedentary, and this includes not eating healthy.

Our body pays the price. We find we are intrigued by conditions like a sore back and stiff neck at regular intervals, conditions which restrict motion and may even cause us to miss a day at work.

Let's Consider Why Is It That Physical Therapy Stands Out As The Single Most Effective Treatment For Relief From Backache

While everyone has a personal preference, many people believe that going for over the counter medications may not work as well for them as physiotherapy.

This is for the simple reason that one might have to put up with side effects like nausea or dizziness if one chooses to go for over the counter medications. But physiotherapy is a surer way to let one get over a backache because it involves manually working on a back.

A reason why physiotherapy scores over over the counter medication for getting over a backache is that the back is an avascular structure, which means that there are no blood vessels in the same. And the only way to facilitate the flow of nutrients to the back is through movement.

Physical therapy not just facilitates the required movement, but also ensures that the back heals itself in minimum time, without you having to put up with the side effects like nausea or dizziness.

And it is for this reason that leading an active lifestyle has often been cited as the right way to allow one get over a backache!

Physical Therapy As The Best Implement For Healing A Sore Back Has A Lot To Do With The Structure Of The Back.

Some of the structure which form our back include muscles, bones and joints, and also tendons and ligaments. Each of these structures is well interconnected with the other.

The primary support structure in our backs is the vertebra, and the same is formed by 24 smaller bones. When any of these structures in the back is affected, it could lead to a backache. At the lower end of the spine are two bony structures, which are the sacrum and the coccyx, and the sacrum is attached towards the front to our pelvic bones.

So the reason why backache happens to be a commonplace occurrence is that human beings walk erect, and the upper body is required to withstand the forces of gravitation. It makes the back more susceptible to wear and tear.

One of the key functionalities of our back is to ensure mobility, and for the same, a high degree of flexibility is one of the key underlying requirements.

But the key structure necessary for ensuring a high degree of flexibility for the back are the intervertebral discs, which work towards acting as shock absorbers, and also offer stability to the backbone. These are round bones through which the spine threads down, and are put into action in a bigger way when we undertake any of the activities such as running, jumping or lifting.

Nerves from the spine branch down to our arms and legs, and at a very root level, backache could be seen as a direct outcome when any of the nerves in our arms or legs are irritated. It is the disc space which stands as the primary cause of a backache.

The condition is technically known as a pinched nerve in the back, and the same could be seen as the primary cause of a backache. It could even lead to a host of related conditions such as numbness in hands or a shooting pain in the arms.

Decompression Therapy for Getting Over Backaches

Decompression Therapy has often been cited as the best way to heal a sore back. Decompression is an implement of physical therapy and works on the underlying principle of creating more space between adjacent vertebrae, such that any underlying condition like a pinched nerve in the back is healed by itself.

Spinal decompression stretches our muscles and soft tissues in a way which is not otherwise possible with our day to day activities and exercise. This detoxifies the spine, flushes down the toxins and brings in a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrition. So while healing is accentuated, one gets over any sort of irritation in the nerves.

The Decompression Back Belt

The decompression back belt is highly recommendable for anyone with back pain, hip pain or radiating neck pain. This is a great way to overcome pain caused by a sore back from sitting or driving. And some medical conditions for which the decompression back belt works effectively to relieve pain include acute back pain, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, degenerative or bulging discs and leg pain caused by the same.

Decompression Back Belt Is Easy To Use

The main cause of lower back pain has medically been proven to be the weight of the upper body on the lower back, which puts pressure on the spine, and can compress the nerves and lead to pain.

Decompression belt, a highly effective option for lower back pain treatment is nothing but a belt that is manually fastened around the waist and then inflated with a hand pump that comes as a part of the kit. As you go on inflating the belt, it increases vertically in height to take the pressure of your upper body off the lower back. This relieves back pain and causes the muscles to relax by providing traction. Conditions like a pinched nerve in the back are then automatically healed and as the back feels better, healing process is accentuated.

Advantages of Using the Decompression Back Belt

Some of the main advantages of using the decompression back belt include its light weight, easy transportability, 100% manual operation and no need of any external assistance, batteries or electricity. Going for physiotherapy is effective for lower back pain treatment, but visiting a clinic every time one has back pain can be problematic.

Similarly, inversion tables too are effective for overcoming pain and discomfort, but the pain can quickly return when one leaves the inversion table.

By using the decompression back belt, one feels the same way as getting a massage from a professional chiropractor. Use the decompression back belt anytime you suffer from back pain, and get instant relief in a matter of seconds.

Decompression Back Belt- To Let You Do More!

The decompression back belt, while being highly effective for lower back pain treatment, is a snug fit. You can wear it all through the day under your clothes, and others wouldn't even know that you are wearing it.

Just put on the decompression back belt and carry on with your day like you always do, with no need to take a day off. You can wear it at work, while driving or cooking. The decompression belt enhances your mobility to let you do the things you always wanted to do, like playing with your kids or going for a game of golf.

Decompression Back Belt- Aiding Towards a Quicker Recovery

When one is afflicted by back pain, it is recommendable to carry on with everyday activities as soon as one can. Taking complete bed rest while the ailing back does not heal completely is often not seen as the best option towards recovery. By trying the decompression back belt, pain and discomfort are instantly relieved and one finds it easier to move about. This aids in quicker recovery.

Similarly, when one wears the decompression back belt, the posture automatically improves as the individual sits and stands straighter. This goes a long way in letting a sore back heal and return to normalcy.

Irrespective of one's age, the decompression back belt speeds up the process of recovery from back pain, and facilities quicker healing.


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