It doesn't matter what economy exists: Boom or Bust, in the end it comes down to you to prosper. It doesn't matter what time-frame we live in: Modern or Old, ultimately it's your choice, to be. Everything you need, to achieve, is already in you. What makes you succeed in your goals or not, is your disposition. It's not bad to admire people, but it's horrible to not recognize yourself. There is no such thing as 'elitism' because as beings, we all have equal resources to work with, naturally. Even, a disabled person has a purpose. Even the disabled person serves a purpose. And it's up to that human to acknowledge it. One thing we all share, is the most powerful tool in the world: The mind.

It's a fact that you can reach an attainment; whether you succeed in it or not, is up to you. No two situations are ever the same but in each & every one, a simple rule is always applied, if progress is to be commenced: You do what you can & try your best. This principle, you apply to every task, at every point along the way. It sounds easy, because that's exactly what it is. However, the application needn't become difficult, if you fear it to be so. Words are mighty, abusing them can negatively impact your life.

Nothing is impossible because the mind has imagination, and imagination lives in the unknown. If we all have it then, why do so many people fear attempting the impossible in their lives? Imagination believes in you, why don't you believe in it, too? It makes no sense. You must do what you can & give it your best. The biggest need of humans, is to connect. Many dread to be embarrassed before others. Nonetheless, when you reach for your goals, there is no shame. Just a person realizing a dream.

It's called going to work - on yourself. Is going to work peculiar? Do you laugh at commuters going to work? Anyone who does, is not worth to be acknowledged. So go after your dreams! Seek what you can & give it your best shot. The output is part of a sequence that only you know the final looks of - so ignore how modest its status may appear. Despite its great achievement potential & limitless capacity, the mind still requires us to start any engagement with a first step.

Use your imagination. It's your genius. You will disprove yourself that you're not one, when you begin achieving with & through it. Use your mind. Use your creativity. Think out the box. If you don't know what a box is, you're doing good, already. Any feeble start is an advancement to something colossal because it comes from your natural customization of the largest, worldwide power: The human mind. Hone into your strengths & likes, then develop your skills out of them. Work hard on them like you never had the gifts in the first place. Procrastination is the foe of imagination, fight it! If you have to do just one thing - do something. Whatever it is, just do it!

Live in your world - that means don't compare anything of your life to other people's. Learn what you can from others, but be grateful to be yourself. Stick to your plan daily & celebrate every little success. In time, you'll realize you're worth it. Then you'll look back & be glad you proceeded on that journey with all the ups and downs. The mind & imagination feast off achievement. What that means, is the more you achieve, the less you feel anything at all is impossible. Do.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Theodore Roosevelt

Disclaimer: This article is for motivational purposes. I do not accept any liabilities that may arise on your part, for acting on it. And I include this disclaimer because a blogger who doesn't take legalities seriously, is only a conviction waiting to happen.

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