When we first discover the Law of Attraction and the power we have to attract what we want, we often expect instantaneous results. Results are rarely instantaneous. This isn’t because God/Source/All-That-Is cannot deliver because once we ask; it is given – every time…without question! It is because we live in this time-space reality that allows for a “buffer of time” while we get ourselves into alignment with what we desire!

For example, let’s say you have some clients who take you for granted. Your new desire is to work with clients who appreciate you, respect you, and pay you well. When you ask, it’s given: the universe says yes immediately. The next steps are up to you.

We live in a universe of contrasts – observing what we do not want births within us the desire for what we do want. Because of contrast, your experience with clients who take you for granted launched a desire for clients who appreciate you. However, at the time you birth your desire, you are still a vibrational match to what you no longer want. What needs to happen now is a vibrational shift so that you come into alignment with your new desire.
Very few of us appreciate the value of contrast. We want what we want and we want it right now! Have you ever noticed that whatever you want to remove from your life seems to take its sweet time in going away? What is happening here is that we tend to keep beating the drum of what we don’t want rather than appreciating what the contrast has birthed within us and turning our focus towards that new desire.

So, in keeping with the example of the clients that take you for granted, those clients helped you to come to the realization that you wanted to work with clients who appreciate you. This realization is the gift in the contrasting experience. It helped you to further clarify what you really wanted.

Realizations of what we’re no longer willing to accept propel us forward in life. If you think back to some of the major turning points in your life, you will see the realizations you discovered. Our ability to attract becomes magnetized when we can see the gift in the contrast. You can now thank those clients for helping you to gain further clarity. When you can truly feel the appreciation for the contrast that birthed your new desire, you have stopped beating the drum of what you no longer want. You have let go of what was and can now look forward to what is to come. Then the change comes more swiftly.
If you continue rehashing what you don’t want, complaining about how badly you’re being treated, remembering and reactivating what caused you to get to upset, then you keep yourself stuck where you’ve always been. All you do is continue to attract more of what you don’t want.

We have the power to change our vibration and change our point of attraction. We just need to let go of the concept that other people have to change for us. We are the ones who make the changes within. Once we change within, the world without must match up to what our new vibration represents.

We live in an abundant, unlimited Universe that is able to provide to us anything we can conceive and believe. All that is required is our desire and then alignment with our desire.

And here’s what that looks like:

When you experience a contrasting situation that identifies what you do not want:

1. Identify what you DO want
2. Appreciate the contrast that allowed you to clarify this desire that you’ve birthed
3. Be open to signs that what you now want is on the way to you (because God/Source/All-That-Is has already said YES to it.)
4. Beat the drum of what you want; knowing with every fiber of your being that it’s on its way to you!

When you step into alignment, you are a powerful creator. You feel terrific because being in alignment is your natural state of being. The clients you had that took advantage of you are quickly replaced with clients who appreciate you or they show up miraculously changed because they have become a vibrational match to the new you! Feeling good is what it’s all about. The more you feel good, the more you’re in alignment with your desires.

My coach’s challenge to you is this:

Whenever you are experiencing something you don’t want, STOP and take the time to notice and get clear on what you DO want. Write it down. What would it feel like to have this? Utilize all your senses. Then, give thanks for the contrasting experience that allowed you to gain the clarity you now have and smile knowing that what you’ve just birthed is on its way to you!

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