One of the areas of research I study is genetics and intelligence.It's one of the oldest studied questions in behavioral genetics going to the late 1800s with Francis Galton here in England.
He was the cousin of Darwin. For example, the gentleman scholar did his research in his home and that sort of thing.
He did some of the first work on intelligence and he did it very badly. He just studied reputation people who were thought to be very intelligent.
What happened in the early nineteen hundreds of people developed measures of intelligence and even now.
That's contentious for some people. I think it's very well measured and it began with spearmint Charles Spearman in England in 1904.Where he said intelligence just mean too many different things to different people.
I mean what do you mean by intelligence really so said "I'm going to define it precisely G-General cognitive ability and what diverse tests of cognitive ability have in common so you've got hundreds of tests of cognitive abilities like different type of memory different type of verbal vocabulary fluency spatial ability.
There's many different types of cognitive tests but they all correlate substantially. Which is quite surprising to people. You know you'd be good in verbal means on average."
You're probably pretty good in memory pretty good and spatial people's own on good at spatial.I'm not good at verbal or vice-versa but they are pretty good. They just mean they're better at this than they correlate substantially so that 40% of the variance the individual differences of all those tests are in common.That's what we mean by gee the overlap. The coveriance among all these tests so it isn't a thing it's what these tests have in common so intelligence test. They are usually the major ones use around the world have about ten different tests. They're different some are verbal some are non-verbal test.
They're tests they're diverse test and what you do is you put them together to get a score that people usually call an IQ score.
It's a pretty good measure of general cognitive ability so general cognitive ability is important because it's the best predictor of society important things like educational outcome. and occupational status by far than anything else we have there also among the most heritable tests and neuroscientist are becoming very intersted in intelligence as well because It's how the brain works.
It's how the brain functions and it doesn't function in the way most neurocognitive new respect of psychologist think as little modules in the brain that loght up when you do function MRI.
The brain works it evoved as a general problem-solving tool.
It uses everything it's got to solve a problem so some.
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I'm Ben a psychologist, my work is design tests