Known as the evening emerald olivine, is the August birthstone, a symbol of "happy couple". Olivine is used as the reason why the symbol of marital happiness, perhaps it's green. Olive green, One kind of light green --- yellow-green color. This color is so pure and stable, Only the green shades of changes, Like the journey of life hand in hand on the middle-aged couple, They have been the children's fantasy, experienced young people mania, life for them is so beautiful, They focus on emotions is so extraordinary and endless stretches. Therefore they had no choose the symbol of springtime's pretty brilliant emerald green, Did not choose the symbol of fiery love pigeon blood red, And the choice of the yellow-green to express constancy between husband and wife's reliable long-lasting feelings of happiness.

Olivine has been a favorite gem from scratch, It also has its own many of the legends. Egyptians called peridot the "sun stones", they believe it has the power of the sun, this person wearing it can eliminate the fear in the night; In Hawaii, people called peridot the "Vulcan's tears." Perhaps because most of the local production of eleven in volcanic rocks around the crater, Spots, like a tease of volcano, wrapped in black volcanic rock.

Olivine in ancient times is a precious gem, is a treatment for muscle movement disorders and liver disease medicine, Ancient Egyptian physicians think that only such a gem with the power of the sun could treat liver disease. Commonly used by medieval alchemy peridot necklace made of worn around the neck, believe so that it can spin gold from straw. Olivine has a magical effect, Can enrich the thinking and imagination, Regulation of mood and treatment of some diseases. Legend of Olivine is unique, Because of its elegant color combination of yellow and light green hope. According to legend, to explore the oblivion can only be carried out at night. Generally believed that, Olivine can remove people's fear of the night, Will also give the wearer a mild temperament, good hearing and a happy marriage.

Chemical composition:
Mainly by Mg2 [SiO4] and Fe2 [SiO4] two groups formed, completely isomorphous mixed crystal. In the sometimes iron-rich members of a small amount of Ca2 + and Mn2 + exchange in which Fe2 +; In addition not contain trace amounts of Fe3 +, Zn2 +, etc.

Cause of occurrence:
Mantle oblivion is a major component mineral. The earth's crust and mantle of various substances emitted or intrusive magic, ultramafic rocks are rich in oblivion. In the process of
contact metamorphism and regional metamorphism, Magnesium carbonate rocks due to metamorphism and generation of olivine. Deterioration of the iron deposits and dolomitic limestone, Constituted entirely of olivine. Olivine is the major mineral composition of stone meteorites. Olivine-free quartz, so can not bron in quartz.

Main origin: Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park, Massachusetts, Luke Porter, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii, California; Greenland; Sweden; France; Germany; Finland; St. John's Island in the Red Sea is also a major source of olivine

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