Planning a BBQ can be so much less stressful for owners of lean-to conservatories. As is often the case, depending on the weather to guarantee a dry day can be a thankless pursuit. When planning that outdoor barbeque, with family and friends expected, theres nothing worse than looking out the window to see an ominous black cloud quickly rolling overhead. Its a shame to have to pack up and spend the day indoors. If only you could be indoors but with an outdoor feeling. Of course, if you have a conservatory you can have that.

Strangely a lot of people think that a conservatory is only used when we have good weather. Of course you can make use of your conservatory all year round with just a little thought. People use them not only as sun lounges but as offices, bedrooms, second living rooms and playrooms. Adding a conservatory, quite simply, gives you more living space. Space is always in demand and this can be much more cost effective than buying a bigger house or building an extension.

Although conservatory prices may seem costly, they can often prove cheaper than moving to a bigger property. Even for the price of decorating a new home, that money could go some way to purchasing a perfectly nice conservatory.

All the natural light flowing into your conservatory makes it a great place to spend time. With the large amount of glass, it looks and feels like no other room and can really lift your mood on a bright day. Winter sun can be particularly enjoyable in your conservatory as the room is warmed, even though it may be quite cold outside. There is also something quite appealing about being able to see rain while not being in it!

In the evenings they also offer a wonderful ambience, making them perfect for dining rooms. Dinner guests will enjoy watching the sun set as they enjoy their meal.

So many people enjoy using their conservatory as an in-between the house and the garden. If you have decking outside the conservatory you have a lovely progression from nature into your home. Your house is bigger by the area of the conservatory, but it feels much larger even than that. Garden parties and BBQs are a great time for your conservatory to shine, guests can almost be outdoors and indoors simultaneously. It also stops those who want to enjoy the garden from having to be totally isolated from those who would prefer to sit down inside.

If you dont already have a conservatory, perhaps you should think about building one?

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Haines has a strong interest in home improvement and thinks that lean-to conservatories are an ideal entertaining space for your home.