You don’t have to miss out on Catholic family fun this summer, just because you are busy mompreneur.
Successful Catholic mompreneurs know how to “be” with their families. They can cut loose when not working, which allows them to pour on the creative and energy into their work when it’s time to get to business. The art of balancing work and play distinguishes happy, revenue generating mom business owner from one who’s burned out, overwhelmed, pulled everywhere and feeling successful no where.
Biz moms want the business, but they most importantly want to bond with their kids and raise solid Catholics and great citizens both on earth and in heaven.
A tool to help you fuse fun into your family this summer is Sarah Reinhard’s “Catholic Family Fun: A Guide for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or Clueless”. Help your kids get out of the electronics, the screen time, and other cultural prescriptions for a good time, and have some real fun.
Sarah came up with kid-engaging play ideas easy to find and implement in this dot-to-dot Catholic fun manual. She cross-categorizes the activities by cost, time duration, and prep time. At a glance you can pick out what you have the time and money for and plug it into your schedule and know your kids will get quality play time with you.
Keep Sarah’s book in the kitchen for easy access. It can become your go-to resource for getting out of the entertainment rut. The first pass through the book the “Be Crazy” caught my eye for a simple unexpected silly treat for my kids. “Be Crazy” simply go out and run around as a family uninhibited. Sarah provides a number of variations to keep things fresh.
The second pass through I easily visualized our family playing “Silly Stories” and “Joke Night”. You can’t beat belly laughter for ramping up family closeness.
Most of the activities have instructions on how to incorporate a Catholic twist.
It’s easy to get distracted with work and neglect the needs of your family for playfulness and spontaneity. It’s also easy to do the same entertainment that may or may not be satisfying or properly feeding the mind and soul of your family.
Sarah puts everything together so you can share premium connecting time with your kids and spouse. The time you devote with your family is fruitful. You effectively guide your kids where you want them to go-heaven-while leaving you in peak performance with energy to invest in your business.
Catholic Mompreneurs Guide Biz and Life Tips: The best way to influence and connect with your kids, while still having time and energy for your business, is to talk with them in their language – play. Get “Catholic Family Fun” and let Sarah show you how.

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