What is small. . . . about the size of a tennis ball. . . .

Fury of sorts, though not “real” fur. . . . (this eliminates your favorite puppy). . . .

And does a remarkable job of among other things, alleviating depression?

If you have a case of the blues, go with Kiwi. According to the Journal of Nutritional Science, eating 2 kiwis a day for about 6 weeks reduces stress and anxiety levels by over 33%.

Kiwi also contains high amounts of Vitamin C which improves enzyme activity, producing enough metabolic energy to immediately lift your spirits (as well as your immune system).

Include the skin as well. It includes 7 grams of digestion improving fiber, enough to make sure all of the nutrition is absorbed.

kiwiDoc’s Thoughts: This is one fruit I have mentioned very frequently. Despite its size, it packs a great deal of nutrition. Given its color, it also positively affects the liver as well. Highly recommended.

**Reprinted with permission from http://docwellnessformula.com/small-fury-and-fights-depression/

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