This edition of The Love Post is part of a series. We’ll be reviewing Napoleon Hill‘s 17 Principles of Success and how they relate to creating a life that you absolutely Love.

Cosmic Habitforce

Fulfill your dreams… automatically.

Napoleon Hill’s final and perhaps most potent principle. Beyond mere habits, Cosmic Habitforce engages universal laws where you automatically do what’s right. Developing positive habits leads to peace of mind, health and financial security.

This idea implies that doing the right thing provides you with an added benefit: It makes it easier to keep doing the right thing.

And it’s true, isn’t it?

The more you practice self-discipline, the more you want to improve your practice.

You get a taste of what mastery can do for you and you get hooked.

And, as Napoleon points out, demonstrating self-control calls upon the Loving Universe to come to your aid in persevering and achieving your goals.

Love Doing the Right Thing

Maybe you’ve experienced it.

You traded in the hour in front of the “Boob Tube” for an hour with a good book. At first it took a whole lot of determination and some grumbling to find your bookmark.

But once you’re actually gotten into this new mode of operation, you start to really look forward to your reading time.

You find yourself hungry for more, immersed in the pages, actively absorbing amazing stories and wisdom.

And these positive, conscious decisions about forming healthy habits also gives you a much clearer understanding of what the “right” thing is.

The right thing is the one that will get you the results that you truly desire.

Immediate gratification usually won’t get you too far.

So even if it sounds nice to just head to bed and curl up with that book you’re now so fond of, getting the dishes done first is a wise choice.

(I like to think of it as being kind to my future self. This way, I know that I’ll wake up to a clean kitchen and start the day off “right”!)

When you think of what it will really take to fulfill your dreams, it comes down to deciding to be who you really want to be — right now.

It means thinking about what you want all (or at least most) of the time.

This means constantly picturing the best version of your life in every glorious, detailed aspect of your coveted existence.

Use Cosmic Habitforce to save yourself the energy of any internal struggle when it comes to making positive decisions. Just automatically do what must be done to fulfill your dreams.

Chances are, you’ll quickly see the benefits of adopting healthy habits and be encouraged to continue on this path.

But if you slip back into your old patterns, never fear.

Call on Love to aid you in doing the right thing to move you towards your ideal reality.

Eventually, you’ll find your stride. You’ll discover that you now identify yourself as someone who does what it takes to get what she wants.

You fulfill your dreams… automatically.

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