From jail to freedom… From Fear to Love
It is not just what we do, it´s why we do it. Do you work in such or such thing because that´s what “others” told you would be better in this every-day-more-tough-and-difficult-world? Or is it because that´s what you like the most, you enjoy the most, you feel alive when you do it?
The first comes from a place of fear, from your inner jail, from your Ego.
The latter comes from your inner core, from your freedom, from Your Eagle, from the Kingdom of God within yourself and therefore, “everything else shall come in addition”
We have two options when it comes to choices: either we act form the source of LOVE or from the source of FEAR. Every single act we choose in our lives comes from either one of those. Either it comes form your Eagle (love) within, or from your Ego (fear). Even the simplest choice, like drinking a glass of water –or not-, or as complex as changing a career in the middle of a life crisis comes from either one of these sources.
Look within yourself: from which source are you going to make the decision? Will fear win upon your love or is it Love that will take control and make the choice, despite de consequences…

This is a tricky word. We think that if we choose our own path, guided by love, we might lose our stability, our recognition in society, our financial source… but consequences are a mirage built out from our expectations, from what our brain has being trained to be positive (successful) and negative (failure), when –in fact- there is not such a thing as failure. It is only an illusion from our mind. Looking at the outcomes from another perspective, you´ll start seeing that, by taking a choice directed from your own inner chore of love will bring some outcomes that in your previous fear-guided life would seem negative, but through this new love-geared life is a new door, one that leads to other million possibilities, other million people to meet, other million learning experiences and –yes- other million dollars that wouldn´t have been gained in your “secured” employment position.
This, out of all the times in the world is the BEST to do what you are tended to do for your own good and for others, what you like the most doing putting it into the human kind´s service… because with the world as it is, the economy as it shakes and the environment as it readjust its climate… you might as well slide… AND ENJOY THE RIDE!

We are usually trained throughout all our educational phase to “work”, to “gain a living”. What about the rest? Are we here, in this love Planet Earth to “work”?
I am glad we are not trained to parents, not to be aunts or uncles or cousins… because that comes natural and natural is what this REAL life should be about, including work!
“What do you do for a living”? seems to be the typical question people tend ask to each other. When, in fact, living does us! The rest is Ego: control, spending, power, force.
Eagle is spirit, freedom, love, abundance. Is connection with the Source that takes care of it all.
“Life is what happens when we are son busy doing other things”. We missed to point. While trying to play it safe (life IS safe), we take the liveliness out of our own life. The saying “when you are on ice, you might as well slide”, makes my point: trying to take strong, rigid steps will make the fall even more possible than if you go with the flow... AND ENJOY THE SLIDE!

Life and happiness
Life becomes what you believe it is (or should be): Is it hard-work? So shall it be. Is it eager and strive to have more, to live “better”? Is it an adventure? Is it a “land of sorrow” Is it fair or unfair? Whatever you believe it is so shall be!
So is happiness. Those who believe happiness is a destination wonder where the station is., or might never get to it. Those who believe it is the journey, what they create and do with whatever circumstance they encounter… they enjoy it at every (or almost every) moment.
Life is not things to be done, problems to be solved, family to be tackled, nor friends to be found… Life is experience and what we do with what we learn from each experience we have. What we do –not in the outside scenario-, but in the inside, in our conscious mind. Do you grow and learn from the experience? Do you enrich your life from it? Or on the contrary, do you become a more worried, bitter, hatred person? Are you a victim of life´s outcomes? Who are you giving your power to? To another person? To some obscure circumstances? Or are you the caretaker of your own life? Do you realize that you can be an Eagle and see your life from above, look at the bigger picture and believe that “everything is OK”, that you are free to open your wings and fly away from the thought of prison, of poorness, of unfairness, of disease? Fly above the circumstance. Let your Eagle-spirit sore beyond frontiers, beyond the horizon and look at what lies ahead: a brighter day, a lighter existence, a wonderful love and a loving relationship, a healthy body, a Soul that takes you and cares for you.
Look at a new-born baby. She is at perfect peace, in touch with her essence, sure that she will be taken care of. No worries…
Your ego might say at this moment: “Sure, but I´ve grown up. I can´t expect to be taken care of and do nothing. That would be acting as a parasite, under somebody else´s expense. And the Ego is right, under the dense life´s perspective. Under the Spiritual Spectrum, though, that means that you can TRUST every single day that life will open up for you at every step you take. It doesn´t mean to do nothing, but to be more conscious of what you do, who do you meet, who do you talk to, and let the circumstances unfold by themselves to help others, to be of good use in this world, doing what you like to do the most and what you do best. You are not a parasite. You are serving, while life serves you, since the “two” are really ONE, as the baby is one with her soul and caretaker.
Fly, dear Eagle, fly above your circumstances, your obstacles, your fears. Let Ego behind, let your limited thoughts buried and open yourself to a more enriching, more powerful, more enlightening existence!

Author's Bio: 

Yvonne González-Báez Luján, is a Mexican writer who, due to her own kidney failure and later transplant, as well as manic-depressive diseases, HIV and cancer in close relatives, decided to write her own life-death experiences, winning a national award, having her book published.

She has also written articles about alternative therapies in magazines and has two poetry books: Sueños de una Mujer and De mi Angel a Mi Patria. Her third book, Historia de Luz, is the Mexican National award winning testimonial that expresses how illnesses and adverse circumstances have helped her to find new paths to cure the body, soul and spirit. She shares her knowledge in how to accomplish an integral health through her Holistic Health Workshop.

She has taken Universal Energy, Neurolinguistic Programming and Depth Psychology courses. Has a Massage specialization from Mexico giving in that country her vibrational therapies, Reiki and both holistic and anti-stress massages. She has practiced Gurdjieff´s Sacred Dances, Tai-Chi, Yoga and meditation and has taught both Yoga and meditation for many years.

As an entrepreneur, Yvonne is the creator of Masajesluz® which holds its own brand of massage oils and body breezes with aromatherapy and crystal therapy for the seven Chakras.

As a new immigrant to Canada, she is aiming to continue her practice as a therapist and as a meditation instructor. She also wants to offer her writing workshop to help people in the community (advanced Spanish students and Hispanics) gain a better sense of themselves by improving their skills through writing their own life’s experiences. She also aims to help the Hispanic women in Calgary interested in writing their own life story about how they immigrated, the obstacles they confronted and how they have been able to start a new life in Canada.

For more information, you can visit her website: You can contact her at:
or by phone at (403) 473-4724.