All of my life I have been an exceptional sportsman and in fact, in my twenties and 30's I made a fantastic income and name for myself as a champion weight-lifter as well as an Iron Lady. Then, in my mid-thirties a slipped disc in my back meant a change of career. Quite quickly I found myself working as a fitness coach at a super-deluxe gym with very well-heeled but quite heavy clientele.

As I aided these overweight women to whip their bodies back into shape I noticed a few issues. The majority had deep fundamental psychological difficulties that had been sabotaging their weight loss efforts. I was asking them “What are you eating?” when really the question I needed to ask was - “What’s eating you?”

I quickly concluded that many of my clients who were not attaining their targets were struggling with fears, anxieties and self-doubt. Rather then recognize a chance to change these obese women preferred to hide from life behind their protective layers of fat.

While I had numerous clients who were successful in losing weight, I was becoming very frustrated with the fact they couldn’t keep it off. This started to make me feel like my job was an exercise in futility since the fat loss achieved never seemed to be permanent. My ladies always got back on their bad habits of over-eating and failing to physical exercise and all the weight would be acquired back.

I made the decision to look into coaching training so that I possibly could learn NLP strategies that might teach my clients tips on how to master these negative emotions and in the end my coaching education reaped rewards for me, not just when it comes to stopping me from internalising my client’s problems to see them as my own, but also when it comes to being able to deal with the mental elements of why my clients couldn't seem to slim down.

My coaching training taught me how you can earn the confidence of my clients in order that they worked less for my approval (a technique that never works for fitness instructors) and much more for self-approval. I was in a position to teach them to encourage themselves by developing an interest to beat their very own last personal best.

Furthermore I was able to give my clients extra classes and sessions to do with NLP to assist them break poor practices and have found this, as both a fitness and life coach, to be pretty powerful at supporting over weight individuals shed the feeling of disappointment and self-hatred and exchange their unfavorable self-talk with stimulating, strengthening caring desires.

Also satisfying was the way in which my education to be a coaching training also practically doubled my revenue. I now had two jobs, each quite complementary to the other, that gave me a great deal of personal satisfaction.

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