Bill Goodrich and Josh Geist have all that it takes to be on top of their trade, with the right legal qualifications coupled with other professional certifications, they are the best today. Leading the Personal Injury compensation trade with vigor and charisma they have been propelled to the limelight having come to the top from very humble beginnings. Operating from Pittsburg in Western Pennsylvania with clients from counties such as Beaver, Butler, Washington, Westmoreland, Allegheny and Erie they are nothing but the best. They have dedicated themselves to serve all those who walk in through their doors and specialize in Personal Injury, Auto accidents, construction mishaps, medical malpractices, civil rights issues and many others.

Institutionalized sexual abuse, employment and salary anomalies, defective products that have caused injuries, fires and explosions are also some of the other areas of litigation that they undertake. Dog Bite is also an important cog in their long list of specialized litigation undertakings that they would execute on the court floor for their clients. They are often referred to as the best Pittsburgh Dog Bite Attorney with ample experience in the field having appeared for both dog bite victims and dog owners too. The two categories have their own rights and so do the dogs hence it is a complicated three way traffic of rights which have to be sifted through to ensure who would be right. Dogs that are classified as dangerous could be also prone to violence and that could be an issue against its owner but if a victim is in trespass then the dog would not be at fault.

Dog Bite

Provoking a dog and being bitten by it could also deny any compensation which means that the state of Pennsylvania has some very complicated laws when it comes to dogs. It is imperative that the law of the state though a bit confusing and complicated would be implemented by the court under whose jurisdiction the matter s brought. Goodrich & Geist PC, would go a step further than other lawyers where they would try to sway the court to rectify issues that resulted in any personal injury to any person. Preventing an accident is important and when there is ample evidence that a similar accident could occur at the same place then it is imperative that some changes are done.

There have been many instances where Goodrich & Geist PC, have been in the forefront trying to rectify certain issues so that there would not be any chance that the same type of accident does occur. Goodrich & Geist PC also vehemently support certain very important public spirited movements, such as the “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” or MADD. The law firm has always been concerned about the community and how best to help it and looks at every litigation that they have brought to be a change for the better of the community. If you are apprehensive of your rights to any issue just a call would do and you could receive a patient ear and be advised whether you have a case or not.

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