It’s true the things they say about bartenders becoming “underpaid therapists.” I know this due to the fact before I became a neuro linguistic expert and a familiar face on the life coaching training scene I was serving drinks for blokes whose favourite comment was “Bartender! Tell me what life is all about!”

Then accurate to the old cliché the customer would then wallow and inform me of all his problems. It would be comments such as how he was caught in a dead-end job, how other people were always robbing his ideas or how lonesome it was in the top.

I’ll tell you, once you hear men and women talking about their complications all of the time you truly get a unique point of view on life. You begin to discern habits in people’s life stories and how common it is for people to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. I would say that it was my stint in bartending that trained me to listen to people and one of the most fulfilling things for me in everyday life was going home at the end of the day and recognising that I actually was assisting my clients with my advice. What I truly wanted to understand is how I could create a full-time career gently guiding persons back onto the right path that also paid more than I earned serving cocktails.

Before I got my coaching training I had read about NLP, and how it can achieve a clean break from the past, quit a poor habit or train you into establishing good, achievable goals. I remember thinking how terrific it could be, if I had the methods, to truly teach men and women how to break chronic behaviour patterns so they could improve their world view, become determined and acquire a fresh start in life.

Then I discovered a course on-line for coaching training that would not only teach some of the problem management and tactical decision-making skills that I required to make the change from being bartender to a life coach. It also gave me the confidence I desired to deal with a number of the mental hindrances I was dealing with in my own life, for example my addictive spending on clothes as opposed to saving some money each month. Part of the training to become a life coach requires healing oneself initially in order that you are totally free of difficulties that could possibly impact your care of your clients.

The fantastic factor about life coaching training is that it helped me to develop into the inspirational authority I always desired to be with out having to be pouring a drink while doing it.

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