All of my life I've been an actress. I had been in a couple of low budget government-funded movies during my 20s and was able to parlay that into a stage acting profession that held up nicely into my thirties. However, around age 38 I realized it was getting more and more difficult for me to get acting roles. Sadly I had to admit to myself that my days of creating an income at acting full-time may possibly be over. I was still able to get some extra work and a do voice-overs here and there but I was no longer the “leading lady of the silver screen” that I once was.

Facing a career switch in your mid-forties is often daunting particularly when you have already spent so much of your life doing what you loved for a living. My challenge was to sit back and determine what kind of profession would bring me as much fulfillment as acting.

Then I came across an advertisement for Melbourne life coaching and I looked up the website. I read about their Melbourne life coaching education and NLP training courses and I knew that this career had many similarities with what I loved about acting.

First off, I always loved being an actress on stage mainly because I loved having the ability to inspire men and women using the words of the excellent playwrights like Shakespeare, O’Neill and Williams. I knew that I loved the change in consciousness that was accomplished each time a part in a play had a message that was revelatory or encouraging in one way or another. Like the script of a play the philosophy of Melbourne life coaching was to some extent to show people the best way to rewrite their very own life script to ensure that their lives in general could have a happier ending.

In addition what I would learn in my Melbourne life coaching and Neuro linguistic programming courses was about “acting” in an different way. In place of “acting out” each and every tiny drama in my life and as a result missing possibilities for true change (because I was focusing on where my feelings were leading me rather than my head) I was going to study how to be proactive and positive about my life. Instead of focusing on what other individuals were doing all the time (using the reason that I was an actor who was a student of human nature) Melbourne life coaching training taught me how to focus on my own issues and develop my self-confidence and self-esteem.

Finally, as an actress, I believed I had quite a bit of sympathy for other individuals. Through this coaching I was in a position to convey this concern inside a nurturing, wholesome way that has really brought me a fabulous lucrative profession as a personal life coach.

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