The Pediatric Super site has launched a mobile app that gives the users all the relevant data on the pediatric infections and diseases.

Parents’ role in managing the children who are the victims of infectious diseases like seasonal flues, asthma and others is immense. With the daily life pressures with so less time, the parents keeping themselves updated about the whereabouts of the disease is very challenging. To solve this query and to enable the reach of this useful information around the globe, Pediatric Super Site has set a noble gesture through this app. This is available for free at the iphone app store.

To access the Pediatric Supersite app, click on the App Store icon and in the search bar mention ‘Pediatric Supersite’ and install. You will be served with the most recent happenings in the research field of pediatric infectious diseases.

Just a sign-up process should be filled up to get started in accessing the website content of the PEDIATRIC SUPERSITE. The three main categories are displayed for you to select the resource from where you intend to draw the information. The categories are Breaking News, Blogs and from the podium.

When you navigate to the breaking news category it has varied posts on vaccines that would strengthen the child from within to be immune to epidemic diseases caused by influenza, what treatments works efficacious against disease causing germs in children, news related to health department and how will that affect the child’s health, WHO updates, properties and effects of oral steroids and many such information that is beneficial in taking care of the infected child.

The blog section of the app has all the write ups from health professionals that guide you through the various phases of the disease. You get a lot of knowledge and consultation feel for yourself to help your little one combat the infection he or she is suffering. The users can be assured of busting any myths about the infections disease treatments and management by going through the blog section. When you have the doctors themselves give you the advices online, following the instructions confidently is just the part that is left to do.

From the podium category, gives you the news from all over the globe. From prevention of transmission of HIV AIDS from mother to the offspring to fighting against bacterial meningitis, all data from notable research thesis is presented to the user.

The users can save their searches and view it on later during the no network coverage areas. The offline access to Pediatric Supersite website via the mobile phone is also yet another feature to be stayed connected with the information access about the disease.
Thus, with an urge to deliver you timely and stable information on clinical issues, Pediatric Supersite has attempted keep the parents and care takers to be informed of the more recent developments in the journals. This app gives information with respect to various health care scenarios, educational programs and health related meetings around the globe.

The primary challenge of having all the significant data of the website and making it available for the users on Smartphone is achieved with no issues on the browser experience.

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