The four F's that helps us move forward when there seem to be obstacles on the path we have chosen.

But before I mention them; the most important thing anyone can do, is to see the obstacles as stepping stones, and always remember that many, if not most, of every successful person has gone through tough times, so do your best to see them as signs of your own upcoming success.

Faith. The answer to your prayers is in the faith that you have. Faith has to be present. It must be chosen over and over again until it has replaced fear. Knowing that we always make that choice, even if it is subconsciously, makes it easier to make the choice with awareness.

Focus. On the right things no matter what! It's easy to get caught up in the problem, especially if it is something huge like you're about to lose your home or something, but if we are going to think anyway, why not thinking about what;s going right, what is going well? Where attention goes energy flows.

Fun. We must lose our tension, not take everything so seriously and get ourselves back to this moment and look at whatever it is that we are facing, it's only temporary. It will pass, whatever it is, and the more relaxed we can be in the midst of troubles, the easier we are in the receiving state of solutions.

Laughter loses tension, why not even laugh at the problem. I have done that myself, and it's liberating. If we could just take one night off of problems and watch a funny movie or something while saying "I don't know what to do, but I know that God knows, so you take care of it for me God. Thank you".

Forgiveness. We must forgive whatever has been in the past, otherwise we just drag the energy with us to the Now.

For example; whatever bad relationships we have been in the past, we must forgive and let go of all negative emotions before we can enter into a new one if we want the new one to be a happy one. If not, we carry the energy of resentment or old memories that still hurts into the new relationship and we could pretty much doomed it before we said our first 'hello' before the new person came along. The thoughts of the old relationship and all the resentment will turn this new person to a not so attractive and charming one anymore, because the old vibe is being projected towards this new person who might be the most wonderful person you have ever met.

So, if you are going through something right now; check with yourself:

* How is my faith?
* Where is my focus?
* When was the last time I had fun, that I laughed?
* Do I need to forgive someone and let go of negative emotions?

FAITH - FOCUS - FUN - FORGIVENESS will help remove any blockages!

Author's Bio: 

Maria Erving is personal development teacher, Internet marketer, an published author and inspirational writer.

She offers distant Reiki healing and counseling for people who feel stuck in life and wants to get clear, inspired and move forward and UP! For more information about sessions:

Throughout her life, Maria has been interested in the variety of universal laws and principles and how they directly and indirectly impact our lives. She is the author of "Energy Awareness: How to Use Energy to Change Your Life" and "The Power of Aligned Thought: How The Mind Works and How To Use It" and also has numerous articles on the Internet.

Originally from Sweden, Maria has enjoyed the privilege of living in Spain, Finland and currently resides in Norway, which she has called home for the past ten years.

She is educated in a variety of alternative therapies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP master practitioner), life coaching, Reiki (master), Bach Flower Remedies, and several types of body work therapies such as energy massage, acupressure, and even massage for dogs!

Maria's life is all about spiritual and personal growth and all things Online (blogging, Internet marketing), and her studies over the years have included A Course in Miracles, the teachings of Abraham Hicks (Law of Attraction) and Science of mind among others.