It really is amazing that in this day and age, over one fourth of all adults still smoke. We have known that smoking is a deadly habit for almost one hundred years now, yet people continue to smoke. There is one major reason for that - it is addiction. Nicotine is one of the world's most addictive drugs and every time you take a puff out of that cigarette, you are getting your fix. You may think that you smoke because it is enjoyable, but in reality, you are smoking because you just can't stop. That is what makes finding quit smoking methods so terribly difficult.

There are several quit smoking methods that are known to work, although none of them work all the time for everyone. The one you choose will depend on your budget, how long you have been smoking, how much you regularly smoke, and how truly committed you are to quitting.

1. The nicotine transdermal patch is perhaps the most popular of the quit smoking methods. It works by providing nicotine in an alternative form - through your skin. When you put the patch on, nicotine gradually makes its way through your skin and into your bloodstream, preventing what is commonly known as a "nicotine fit", or withdrawal symptoms from the drug.

2. There is also nicotine gum which works in much the same way. When you chew it, nicotine gradually makes its way into your system, preventing you from feeling the withdrawal symptoms you would otherwise feel when you stopped smoking.

3. Prescription medications have now been on the market for a few years that help you get rid of the desire for cigarettes. They work by getting rid of your withdrawal symptoms while at the same time reducing the psychological need for them.

4. Many people, even with all these tools, will still choose "cold turkey". This sounds difficult, but it is in fact the quickest and most effective way to get off of cigarettes. Of course, you absolutely have to be dedicated to quitting if you want this method to work.

When you decide to quit smoking, it is essential that you have a support system behind you, whether it is a formal support group or just family and friends. No quit smoking methods will work unless you are dedicated, have good will power, and have a lot of people on your side to keep reminding you how good you are doing and how proud of you they are.

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