Do you want to improve the results you achieve? Better understanding of your subconscious motivation is crucial to reduce self-sabotage and change your life. The ability to make effective decisions makes a big difference!

How to make effective decisions
How do you make decisions with the wisdom to improve your life? The first step is usually to know your goal. As they say, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will do!"

But once you know where you're going, you still face an unending series of choices as you navigate your way through life. How do you arrive at the decisions you make? Here's an effective rational strategy to follow.

There are four crucial questions that you can ask as you choose what to do next. Which one of these four do you usually ask yourself? How well does that question support you?

Do I feel like doing it?
The first question you might ask yourself is, "Do I feel like doing it?" This focuses on your feelings about doing it, which are very important. Yet feelings, especially negative ones, can come from your self-sabotage mechanism.

Do I want to do it?
The second one is, "Do I want to do it?"

To stay fit and health, I've been working out regularly for years. But I've learned not to ask myself if I want to go to the gym, the answer is always no! My body would far rather goof off. But once I'm there, I tell myself that since I'm there I might as well work out properly. The great feeling when it's over makes the whole thing worthwhile, and the shower after is always very enjoyable. Perhaps I'm a masochist!

Is it me?
The third question is "Is it me?" Here you have a good idea of who you are and wish to remain faithful to that idea.

However, this question discourages change. When you're asking yourself, "How can I change my life", it's tough to improve anything without change!

Do I want the results that doing it will bring?
The last one is "Do I want the results that doing it will bring?" This focuses on your goal, which is in the future. It will help motivate you, whether you feel like doing it or not.

Your choice of which of these four questions is most important will change your life. This is your general answer which can change in any specific circumstance since you'll have noticed it is not specified. There is no one right answer, but all actions, as well as all answers, have consequences. And some consequences are more desirable than others!

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Food for Thought
We accept many notions because they seem to be the logical answers to our questions. But have we asked the right questions?

- Dr. Harold L. Klawans, 1937–1998, medical doctor, professor of neurology, author

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