It’s no secret that if wholesale suppliers want to garner more sales in today’s highly competitive business environment, they must register their presence on all platforms where their customers are found. In this regard, social media is the best platform. Over the years, social media has emerged as a comprehensive customer engagement platform and replaced the need of traditional marketing tools. According to a prediction, online marketing will drastically increase in 2013 and a major share of this increase will belong to social media marketing.
Success from Social Media is Not Guaranteed
People often ask experts if social media marketing really works. The fact is it works only for those who use it in an appropriate way. Increase in the use of social media reflects its power to add rocket fuel to sales engine of a wholesale business. The success in social media marketing is not guaranteed because it no more dependent on creating a page and updating it on regular basis. To stay on the top curve of social media, one needs frequent learning and training.
Though the success through social media is not guaranteed but learning few factors upon which success depends can make you a winner in your field. Four factors in this regard are explained below:
1: Reflect Quality through Design
Put yourself in your target clients’ shoes and you will come to know how they judge the quality of your Wholesale Products from its cover and profile images. The dark and grainy images misrepresent the quality of your products and leave bad impression on viewers.
Make sure that that your cover and profile images high resolution. The visual leaves long lasting impression on the clients about your products’ quality and business professionalism.
2: Don’t Advertise Too Much
Many wholesale suppliers spend time, money and efforts on social media and they still don’t get the desired results. This is because they misinterpret the purpose of being on social media. They build up good profiles with quality images but use this platform for aggressive advertisement of their business.
Social media is primarily a customer networking platform that requires key practices to engage customers in and build long-term contacts with them. Once these contacts are established, leads are generated automatically. Little advertisement in the form of mentioning sales and discounts are justified in this regard.
3: Make It Personal for Prospects
Giving your social media page a professional outlook does not mean that it has to look unattractive, formal and stiff. Some suppliers, in order to appear professional, give their target audience a feeling as if they are talking to machines. Remember that you are on social media platform to connect with the customers which can be possible only if you design messages targeted strictly at them.
Interact with customers intelligently. Include information that makes them genuinely appreciate you. Ask them to give their opinions on related topics, encourage them to participate in discussions and respond to their queries quickly and in a friendly way. Moreover, you must know that a surprise gift, discount or freebie can always keep the things interesting for your social media followers.
4: Be Patient and Consistent
Joining multiple social media platforms at a time and expecting them to produce desired results over a night or two is unrealistic. No social media can ever change your luck with a wave of magical wand. Consistency and patience are the keys to make the most out of social media presence.
Don’t get frustrated and do not quickly assume that social media marketing is a worthless platform. Never give up and try to work with one or two platforms at a time before joining more social domains. I can say with surety that if you work with social media with consistency and patience, it pays you off and you succeed in the longer run.
There are certain other things that should be taken care of while expecting desired results from social media but the above-mentioned four factors determining success in social media.

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Sasha Gibbs is the Marketing Analyst at Wholesale Pages and has been sharing her expertise on Wholesale Products for many years.