How many of you have received one of those ominous emails from another proclaiming if you ignore their request to forward, then some misfortune will befall you? We have all seen them, ranging from 'the money angel' to 'Help! My child is dying of some terrible disease' to the ubiquitous 'send if you love Jesus or God.'

Each begins with some sappy story, used to tear at your heartstrings and to guilt you into responding. They then end with a warning if you do not forward, and sometimes, a promise of good fortunes if you comply. The following are examples of such emails:

  • "Pass this on to 6 of your good friends or family, and be rich in 4 days. Pass it on to 12 of your good friends or family, and be rich in 2 days. I am not will find an unexpected windfall. If you delete it, you will beg. Trust me!"
  • "My child is dying from WHATEVER (you fill it in). Please email to everyone in your address book as SOME CORPORATION will give a dollar for everyone who receives this email."
  • "If you do not pass this on, you do not love Jesus or God. If you do pass it on, a miracle will occur in your life at 10am tomorrow morning."

How many of you really believe that something bad will happen if you ignore them? Besides the fact that majorities congest server space and are hoaxes verifiable through reputable survey sites such as, it is evident that many individuals still forward these bogus emails.

I myself have forwarded these forms of communication, despite the fact that the promises made have NEVER occurred. So, why have I, along with millions of others, continued to forward these meaningless, false emails?

Could it be that we all have the belief that bad things will actually occur? If so, why are we so willing to accept such a fate?

Might it be that we live in a world where we live according to rules: rules that if broken will cause punishment? Only in a world of judgment, could there be an expectation of a damaging outcome.

According to the law of manifestation, validated by quantum physics, your thoughts create your world. Therefore, each time you forward an email for fear of retribution, you are actually perpetuating those destructive thoughts.

So, the definitive answer to the question, "Will something bad happen if I do not forward such an email" is NO! Instead, by ignoring the email transmission, you will be giving the universe the opportunity to respond constructively in your life.

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