For men, the hormone testosterone is very important. It not only increases sex drive or libido but also supports muscle and bone health, sperm production, to hair growth. For those of you who have low testosterone levels, knowing that testosterone enhancing foods are very important. As we get older, testosterone levels in men will decrease by about 1% every year.

However, this can also occur in young men. Usually, this is caused by several treatment methods (chemotherapy to treat cancer to radiation therapy), obesity, HIV / AIDS, to head injuries. If you need men's health supplement, you can try Male Extra Pills.
If the things above happen, some of the testosterone enhancing foods below, you can consume:
1. Ginger
For centuries, ginger has been used as a natural medicine to treat various diseases. In fact, ginger is also a food supplement for the hormone testosterone. In one study, ginger was proven to increase testosterone levels by 17.7% in 75 men who had fertility problems. In a period of only 3 months, ginger can increase the amount of testosterone that much. Research on test animals has shown that ginger can also increase levels of the hormone testosterone and antioxidants in mice with diabetes, in just 30 days.
2. Tuna
Tuna is a fish that contains high vitamin D. Therefore, by consuming tuna, the health of the hormone testosterone in men becomes awake. This protein-rich fish is also low in calories. Either tuna which has been packaged in cans or fresh, consuming it can increase the levels of the hormone testosterone in the body. A serving of tuna can meet your daily vitamin D needs.

If you don't like tuna, fish like sardines or salmon is also rich in vitamin D. However, don't consume these fish excessively; two or three servings a week is more than enough. Because seafood has the potential to contain mercury which is harmful to the human body.
3. Oysters
Oysters contain more zinc (zinc) than other foods. The content of zinc is very important for sperm health and male reproductive function. If zinc deficiency, the body has the potential to experience hypogonadism (a condition that makes a man's body not produce enough testosterone). In fact, there is a risk of impotence, if zinc deficiency.
Foods such as meat, poultry, and peas are other foods that contain zinc, and you can consume.
4. Low-fat milk
Low-fat milk that is rich in vitamin D, is needed by men, women, and children. In addition, the levels of vitamin D contained in it, making low-fat milk a food enhancer hormone testosterone which is very good for men.
5. Pomegranate
Pomegranate is a symbol of fertility and sexual function that has been consumed since ancient times. Antioxidant levels can improve heart health and control stress on the mind. In 2012, a study proved that pomegranates can increase testosterone levels in men and women. At least, about 60 healthy participants consumed pomegranate juice for two weeks. The researchers then examined the levels of testosterone in their saliva, 3 times a day. At the end of the study, pomegranates were proven to increase testosterone levels by as much as 24% in both men and women. Not only is it an enhancer for the hormone testosterone, but pomegranates can also improve mood and blood pressure.
Every man certainly wants healthy and normal sperm to be able to immediately get offspring. But in reality, not all men have healthy and good sperm conditions. As a result, men will have less confidence when having sexual relations with a partner.
Many men who realize too late do not even know that the condition of their sperm is not healthy. For that, let's recognize the characteristics of healthy sperm below. Men should know that the characteristics of healthy sperm are as follows:
The first and most easily recognized feature of healthy sperm is a thick texture. Usually, the thickness of sperm depends on the health conditions of each body. If the sperm has a thick texture, it means that you are in a healthy condition. Vice versa, if the sperm turns into runny then you are in an unhealthy condition or are tired. Food factors and a healthy lifestyle are also very influential to support healthy sperm. Therefore it is recommended to eat nutritious food, fruit juice, or honey so that the resulting sperm texture remains thick. In addition, from now on avoid consuming alcoholic drinks, because it can adversely affect sperm health.
2. Sperm released in large quantities
What do you mean by sperm in large quantities? Healthy sperm can also be known from the amount released. If the amount released is average, it means you have healthy sperm. But most men find it strange if the amount of sperm released is small. As a result, confidence in your partner will decrease, the body will easily get tired and sluggish, and the immune system decreases.
3. Sperm colored white or yellowish-white
You can also find out the characteristics of healthy sperm by its color. If your sperm is pure white, that means your sperm is normal, healthy, and perfect. The chance to get a baby will also be greater. But if you find reddish sperm, then the most appropriate effort is to consult a doctor in order to get further treatment.
4. Sticky textured sperm
Healthy sperm is not only recognized by its viscosity and color, but the sticky texture is also an important factor. You can know this when ejaculation occurs. If sperm is like jelly, then it is certain that you have healthy sperm.
5. Sperm smells like acacia leaves
Characteristics of healthy sperm can also be recognized from the smell of odor. Generally, healthy sperm have a smell like acacia leaves. Smelly sperm allows you to have sperm that are not healthy or there are problems with your sexual health. Immediately consult your doctor to avoid the possibility of worse. For those of you who have known the aroma, you will definitely know which sperm has a distinctive aroma.

To have healthy sperm, small steps like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious food, and exercising you can do regularly every day.

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