You often ask the question, "what direction do I go in, and how do I get there?" The answer is as simple or as challenging as you make it out to be, but there is an answer. You must learn to follow your heart, your passion, do what makes YOU happy, not your spouse, or your children, or your parents, but YOU. You will find many reasons, even besides the ones we have listed, to not do what makes you happy, for you become fearful that being truly happy means that you might experience something along the way that might take it away; fear of failure, rejection, disappointment, or even loss of relationships or material abundance-- and if you have those fears without moving through them, you will most certainly experience them, and it will not be from following your heart, but from choosing not to.

Why do you make it so challenging? Because you were never taught to follow your heart in the first place. From the time you were very small you were taught to "do as I say" and thrown into a society that very seldom encourages personal growth--it is still more important to be a part of the crowd than to shine on your own, when in fact, you can do both. No one told you of your magnificence, because they did not know of their own, so there is no one to blame, not even yourself, for magnificence is found on the road to self-discovery, and you are just beginning to rediscover how truly magnificent you are.

So, now that you know all these things, what direction will you go in, and how will you get there? simply following your heart, and the guidance that it gives you everyday. There is no need for fear of what the future will bring if you do so, only concern for what it will bring if you do not. The world needs people like YOU to be the wayshower for those who have forgotten their own magnificence....and what a wonderful place it will be when you do so!

Valentine's Day is EVERYDAY...give yourself one by following your heart.

The Angels

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Dorie Bowlin is a Spiritual Messenger/Teacher, Metaphysician, Reiki Master Teacher who delivers messages from the Angelic Realm. To learn more about Dorie or to receive free daily angel messages in your e-mail, visit