The more you interact with people these days, the more they are likely to tell you that they find themselves stuck in life’s situation. These days, it is hard to come by individuals who say that they are radiantly happy because of the choices they have made in life!

Do you know why that happens? Why is it that most of the people just find themselves “enduring” a situation?

The answer is simple - they are not doing it for themselves. They are working towards fulfilling someone else’s dream instead of their own! That’s the one and only reason why they are unfulfilled, unsatisfied and unhappy.

Making a Choice for Yourself.

Life does present itself with many opportunities; and at every bend and curve that you come across, you have to make a choice. A choice for yourself. Something that makes you happy and is not made by others who you think are in charge of your life.

The moment you do that, life itself takes a new turn. Sure, things may not be easy, and there are many challenges that present themselves; but once the decision to please yourself has been made, the challenges seem like adventures.

The thrill of going through a roller coaster ride is what it is like, when you begin to live life to fulfill what you really want and not what others want for you.

Life will then become a series of “happy accidents.” When you choose to follow your dreams and are really passionate about them, the Universe begins to conspire to make your dreams come true.

Surely, it is no bed of roses. But even when you are walking on a bed of thorns, it does not hurt as much because you know that the desired end is in sight.

This is never the case when you are living off someone else’s dream. It might bring about some temporary payoffs, but they seem miniscule in front of the mammoth problems that come with it. It may seem like an endless tunnel with no light at the end of it to look forward to.

You do not need anyone to tell you that you must take a certain course of action in life, and nor does any other human being have the right to be judgemental about the life you are leading. But you deserve to make a choice for yourself.

Begin by asking yourself, “Am I truly happy, with where I am in life, or would I like to see myself somewhere else?”

When you ask yourself this simple question, the little voice in your head (that tends to drown out ever so often) will come out and give you the answer you are seeking.

Taking the First Step.

You have to muster up all your courage to leave behind what you have and go for the possibility of what can be. It is not an easy decision to make, and it is likely that you will have many naysayers all around you; but this is the only way that you can truly move ahead.

It is ok sometimes to go with the flow; and in due course of time you will realise the wealth of opportunities that life will present you with, when you choose to follow your passion.

There is indeed nothing better in the whole wide world than living your dream. The world does not seem dull and boring, but a riot of colours that fill out every inch of your life. You begin to take on challenges head on and no longer feel like you are enduring pains, because you are indeed doing it for yourself! And that my friends, is the biggest payoff that you can possibly ask for!

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