If goals were easy to achieve, then every other person in the world would be the most powerful person in the world, with a lot of money, and a private jet to be able to travel to any country. Goals are never easy or quick to achieve. A clear vision or an articulated destiny is not enough to achieve your goals; in fact, it takes careful deliberation to really get what you want. The joy of really getting through the journey and accomplishing what they set out to do is what brings real satisfaction in life. 

You may continue living your life accepting that you have a problem, or you may learn to over

Chidi Topaz Olujie is the biggest example of healthy struggling to the top. Diagnosed with mumps at the age of 1 – 2, Olujie was accidentally treated by the doctors for malaria, which further resulted in hearing loss owing to continuously progressing complications. But that did not stop Olujie. He decided that the thing brought him the most disadvantaged will be the thing that brings him the most advantage. He invested himself in his studies regarding Special Education trying to get the hang of his situation, and the ways to cope. He went on to pursue a Doctorate in Special Education, currently being enrolled in the Northcentral University of California. Olujie has immersed himself in the cause, where he advocates the ease and rights of those disabled. He is working with Gallaudet University in the US and is also imparting his learned wisdom through his blog, www.meetcheetablog.com. He is also running a campaign for the presidential position of People Democratic Party where he is focusing on the rights and consideration of disabled people of Nigeria. He is the National Secretary of the Nigerian National Association of the Deaf, and also serves as the coordinator of the Coalition of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities.

In order to get over the obstacles in your path, you will need to be aware of the kind of obstacles that are currently in your path:

  • External obstacles: these obstacles are those that are out of your control like natural disasters, the political climate, economy, and physical limitations
  • Internal obstacles: these are the obstacles that usually are one time, but you are able to have a good portion of control over them, like cash flow issues, time, and debt
  • Habitual obstacles: this is when a person gets in their own way and can only be able to fix through behavioral changes.

One of the most important steps to getting over an obstacle is to realize that it is there. This is especially difficult when the obstacle is more habitual rather than external or internal. If you are not able to understand where the problem lies, you will never be able to fix it. You will need to be patient in thinking that the harder the obstacle is, the more time it will take to overcome it.

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