The maintenance and repair of the garbage chute is a necessary procedure since this is a complex system that needs constant care. If the correct content is missing, breakage may occur. Then you will have to call the repair team. Therefore, we present several recommendations that will help protect the waste chute system from failure:

trash chute doors

  • Objects that may be larger than 0.9 times the diameter of the chute shaft must not be loaded into the household waste receptacle. Otherwise, it could cause a serious blockage.

  • The chute should be flushed regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and harmful bacteria, and insect pests.

  • It is required to monitor the state of ventilation of the garbage chute. Adequate air ventilation will not allow unpleasant odours to linger in the waste collection chamber and shaft.

  • The gate valve must always open, except for the time required to remove and replace the container. Gate designs with a permanently closed damper that can open from debris falling onto it are not functional and lead to frequent blockages.

  • Must empty the container regularly.

  • It is necessary to control the presence and operability of fire protection by installing a fusible link in a self-operating smoke damper of the gate valve sprinklers on the ceiling of the waste collection chamber.

  • Most importantly, trash chute doors and chute door parts need special care and attention when it comes to regular maintenance due to their regular use. The instructions are also the same for the laundry chute discharge door.

These recommendations will help to keep the waste chute system in order and increase its operational life. If a breakdown does occur, we advise you to contact experts, which provide services for the repair of garbage chutes and trash chute doors replacement.

Flushing a garbage chute in an apartment building is a set of measures for servicing an engineering waste collection system in residential buildings. Timely and high-quality implementation of such events allows you to minimize the risk of unsanitary conditions that provoke the development of harmful bacteria, insects and rodents, as well as unpleasant odors.

Why is it necessary to regularly flush the garbage chute?

Flushing a garbage chute in an apartment building is one of the most important parts of maintaining a municipal solid waste collection system. Daily operation of the system leads to clogging of the chute shaft, which causes rotting and develops unsanitary conditions. That's why it is recommended to install trash chute doors to maintain proper hygiene and care. Flushing helps prevent and eliminate the consequences of these processes.

When flushing is performed, it can achieve the following results:

  • eliminate odors spreading to elevator rooms and stairwells;

  • wash off cockroach nests, suppuration and other deposits from the inner walls of the trunk, which will prevent the development of unsanitary conditions;

  • the entrance will be kept clean;

  • eliminate solid household waste that is stuck in the barrel.

According to established standards, it is recommended to flush the system at least once a month, or you can also do it more frequently if you feel necessary.

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