If you plan to spend the day at the beach you will need to do more than pay attention to your choice of swimwear and which SPF factor sunscreen you will need to pack. You will also need to pick out the best beach footwear to suit the occasion. What should you be on the lookout for as you shop for beach footwear?

Choose Flip Flops for Walking in Soft Sand

For a stroll in soft sand choose a pair of flip flops, as they will make it easier to walk around than in chunky heels or high heels. Flip flops are versatile enough to be worn in or out of the water, or along the sandy coastline as you take in the views.

Sturdy Walking Shoes

Not all beaches contain soft sandy white dunes without a pebble in sight. Some can be hard on the feet if they are full of pebbles, rocks, shells and crabs that are on the move. If you plan to visit a beach where you will not be able to take your shoes off for fear of cutting your feet, you should make sure you pack a sturdy pair of walking shoes to protect your feet. Choose a pair of hiking boots that will offer the best protection on beaches that are rocky or in areas where you will be following nearby hiking trails. Extra cushioned support will help protect your feet from injury.

Evening Beach Footwear

An evening at a beachfront restaurant or resort calls for a dressier type of shoe that will inject a little more glamor into your look. Flip flops are too casual when you are planning to dress up for a night on the town after spending the day sunbathing on the beach. Opt for a stylish pair of sandals that have a cushioned footbed. This will give you a little extra height and comfort without the uncertainty and wobble from stiletto heels.

Choosing beach footwear is not as simple as packing a pair of flip flops, as some beaches are rocky, which means supportive footwear will be required to protect feet from injury. Wear flip flops if you plan to walk around on soft sandy beaches, but choose sturdy walking shoes for rocky beaches or when you are on hiking trails. Do not forget to pack suitable evening beach footwear, which will add some extra glamor to your overall look.

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