To successfully operate online wholesale business, one would need to get right kind of visitors on his website. Every successful business always adopts specific marketing techniques and strategies for its promotion and without these strategies no business can sustain and flourish. To get right kind of visitors you first need to fix online marketing strategies for your wholesale business.

Currently there are many kinds of online marketing strategies available but every entrepreneur needs to select his own, which suits his business the best. First, visualize niche and estimate what kind of visitors are needed. For instance, if you are a wholesaler and deal in Wholesale Clothing, the target audience of children wear would be different than that of lingerie’s.

When the ultimate niche is cleared then you can define the ultimate customer for whom you will devise the strategy. Do you want to sell your merchandise to retailers or you also want to interact with dropshippers? When you have a clear understanding about niche and desired visitors then conducting and applying online marketing strategies will become quite an easy task for and will yield far better results.

Article and Blog Marketing:

Article marketing is one of the widely used strategies. In it, niche related articles are published on different web portal with back links of your website using specific keywords. Blog posting is another popular way of marketing your website by posting blogs to different weblogs. In article and blog marketing, content of articles and blogs plays a major role because if the content will be good and helpful then the visitors will follow the back link.

Social Networking Portals and Email Marketing:

Online social media portals are also great way to market your website; you can simply share the link of your website and of your articles and blogs. On social networking portals, interact with different people, increase your friends, market your business, and participate in discussions. Another marketing strategy is to obtain the list of potential customers from different directories and portals and send them the customized marketing emails. You can also offer newsletter subscription services and send monthly or weekly newsletter to all potential customers.

Adopting Customer service as a Marketing Tool:

Another most effective marketing strategy is to adopt perfect customer service facilities. Customer service is one of the best marketing tools and can attract lot of potential customer by effectively utilizing this tool. The most important part of customer service in wholesale business is to remain available most of the time and reply to the customer queries. In order to offer good customer service facilities, one would need to keep a Hotline and remain available on it most of the time or hire some professional who can solve customer queries.

It is part of customer service to offer exchange and return policy. By offering this policy the customer gets satisfied while buying the items. However, the policies of exchange or return would be applicable on certain conditions, which would be shown to customer before the deal. If you are selling genuine or reliable Wholesale products and ship them properly then there would be no chance of any exchange or return. So, having this policy shows the buyers that you are a reliable wholesaler and it boosts your sales in the end.

Other Marketing Tools:

There are also some other tools used for marketing and traffic building of the website like keyword research tool, link directory creator and social submitter. These tools are great way to build traffic if used in correct manner. In a nutshell, it can be said that if the marketing tools are used in the correct way then the website will surly have right kind of visitors on it.

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William King is the director of Wholesale , Wholesale Products , Wholesale Clothing and UK Wholesalers. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.