Even the most motivated and upbeat positive thinkers are susceptible to
winter WOEs. WOE is an acronym for "What On Earth" is happening. It's what
you say when you take on the role of helpless victim. It's also what you
say on a dark winter day when the blues and blahs are getting to you.

So what can you do when you're weary of those dark, blustery days? You can
remind yourself that perhaps the world's environment is getting to you, but
there is something you can do. You can uplift your inner environment.
There are ways to give those winter WOEs wings so they fly away. Here are
five possibilities:

1. Hibernate. For fast acting relief from WOE, take a lesson from the
bear. There is a reason why bears hibernate all winter. They do it to
conserve energy and cope with food scarcity. Perhaps hibernating all winter
is a bit unreasonable for you, but sometimes the most important thing you
can do for yourself, on a cold winter day, is grab a few moments of extra
rest by hitting the snooze alarm again. Give yourself a "mini-hibernation"
experience. Luxuriating in the warmth of your bed a bit longer may just be
the respite you need to recharge your battery, which makes WOE feel awkward
and fly away.

2. Indulge. Do you have a sweet tooth or a "meat" tooth? Whatever it is,
don't let it overtake you, but don't let it make you feel guilty, either. On
occasion, when the winter WOEs are affecting your mood, find an affordable
luxury and enjoy it. You deserve it. Splurge on that $3 square of chocolate
or whatever treat tickles your tastebuds. Perhaps you can find your
motivation in a cup of joe or hot cocoa. Appreciate the ingredients and
craftsmanship that created your favorite treat! Allow all of your senses to
be involved. Allow the aroma to fill your nostrils. Appreciate the taste.
Remember this concept: intelligent indulgence! When you indulge
intelligently, WOE feels left out and goes elsewhere.

3. Bundle Up. There is no such thing as bad weather as long as you're
prepared for it. Bundle up with layers, and then put on your favorite winter
jacket. Appreciate the ritual that you're going through to see to it that
you are comfortable in the cold. If you have a favorite coat that's been
with you for years, pull it out of the closet and reunite with it, as if
it's an old friend. Sink into that coat and head out for a walk into the
brisk, wintry air. Perhaps you have a favorite scarf, hat, or pair of gloves
that not only warms your body but also warms your soul. A warm soul feels
good, which makes WOE feel unwanted and run away.

4. Listen to the Quiet. Look at winter from a new perspective. Appreciate
the quiet stillness that permeates the environment. Stillness offers sacred
time. The solitude of a winter walk allows you to hear your footsteps and
listen to your breathing without the frantic interruption of life. Inhale
slowly and deeply. Allow the clean, crisp air to fill your lungs and
saturate your cells. Exhale long and strong. Notice the innocence of your
breath as it leaves your body centered and light. The stillness can be your
key to serenity. WOE flees in the presence of serenity.

5. Worship the Sun. When the sun reveals its gleaming countenance, stop
whatever you are doing and step into its bright light. Light is beauty. No
matter what you're doing, take the time to find that patch of sunlight. Look
up, close your eyes, and appreciate the warm beauty of the moment -- just
the sun and you relating to one another. Bask in the warmth, and allow
yourself to glow like a happy house cat. WOE can't stand it when you glow -
it can't wait to vacate the scene. And a further tip to give more life to
the glow is to reflect on that moment of warm beauty as you settle down for
a cozy winter's night.

When you're willing to try new ways to rejuvenate yourself, you can feel
great even on the coldest winter day. The most beautiful things about winter
cannot be seen or heard; they are felt with the heart. Simply come up with
ways to renew your attitude, and winter WOEs will fly away as you bask in
the inner warmth of a beautiful day.

Author's Bio: 

Rob White is an author, motivational coach and story-teller. Visit him online at