FitFive Healthy Kids Program gets children off to a good start in life.For children to be fit and healthy they require a balanced diet and sufficient exercise from their earliest years. This should be self-evident to all. Habits established in childhood last a lifetime - both the good and bad ones.

Childhood obesity is already a very serious and disturbing problem in the United States of America and many parts of Europe where obesity in general is increasing.The problem looks set to spread to other parts of the world as their standard of living improves. A diet with a high fat, sugar and salt intake and a sedentary lifestyle have all been major contributing factors in childhood obesity. As a result children are getting Type 2 diabetes and other illnesses usually associated with middle age. We have a generation of children who may well die before their parents.

The connection between movement and child development is completely obvious to all parents. We eagerly watch for and rejoice over each new physical achievement - the first time our children turn their heads, roll over by themselves, sit up and the moment of triumph - take their first independent steps.

The 4 to 5 year old should have acquired the co-ordination and balance of an adult. This may be the point in time when it becomes increasingly clear to some parents that all is not well with their child. By this age children should be strong enough to do somersaults and high and long jumps.

There are certain steps which a parent can take to improve the chances of their child enjoying lifelong health. As a dance and movement therapist I cannot overestimate the importance of regular exercise starting in the early years. There are numerous ways in which children take exercise such as spontaneous running around, playing with a ball etc. etc. But some parents would like to build a scheduled period into the day for physical activity so that it becomes a daily routine as natural as cleaning ones teeth.

A balanced fitness regime harmonizes and strengthens the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. It increases body awareness, strength and flexibility

It seems that the present generation is no longer keen on traditional competitive team games. Modern technology has led to children wanting to entertain themselves and to be personally in charge of the activity. Television and computer games often result in their leading sedentary lives.

Many parents would appreciate advice on nutrition, simple exercises, tips on common disorders, postural advice and information about establishing a regular fun, easy to use program. Now it is possible to access just such a program via the internet which combines 155 unique animated exercises and 111 important easy to read questions and answers as well as much other useful advice.Problems are grouped according to specific problems and the childs age. The routines can be performed at home and other than an exercise mat no equipment is needed.

The program can be carried out by parents, grandparents, older sisters and brothers, babysitters or nannies.

The FitFive Healthy Kids Program has been created using the latest scientific research and vetted by the Head of the Child Rehabilitation Center. It is an online health and fitness program for at home use for kids between the ages of 1-14. The program itself is very easy to use. Just sit in front of the computer and start reading the chapters. If your child is able to read already, read them together.

The system contains 155 unique animated exercises. They can be listed by age and exercise type.The exercise diaries can also be printed out with the number of repetitions, this way it is easy to track a child's progress.

The program can be used in a number of ways to target a health issue, to discourage children from lazing around, as a complete daily exercise routine or to supplement exercise for an already sporty child. There is help for a child with flat feet, bad posture, asthma, allergies, poor vision or a lack of energy. A team of professionals are only an e-mail away.

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Dzagbe Cudjoe is a Dance and Movement Therapist, Intuitive Counselor, Healer and Ethnologist with a keen interest in promoting Dance as a means of achieving Mind-Body-and-Spirit integration.For a Free Demonstration of the FitFive Healthy Kids Program". Click Here