Yesterday, I had posted something that asked for input and answers to a couple of specific questions. I am still looking for more input, and thanks to those of you who did respond.
I got one great reminder and I have to remember it, and it may be a great reminder for you to.
I love to help people. I can be guilty at times of trying to “fix” their surface problem. This depends on the “role” I am playing in the person’s life. The great reminder was a parable.
If a person is hungry, give them a fish and they will be fed today. Give them a fishing rod and they will be fed for life. (Not an exact quote for those who are perfectionists)
This, in its way, talks about holistic change.
I was given some fish way back when, and I was OK for the short hall. Eventually someone took the time to understand me, show me how to construct and use a fishing rod, and now, when I take action, I am no longer hungry.
I guess I want to be in the fishing pole business. I hate giving away fish over and over!
( ( Need a fishing pole?

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Keith is certified as a Master Life Coach and Addictions Coach and works with intelligent people prepared to invest in themself.