Evidence is rapidly emerging which shows that omega-3 fatty acids, such as those contained in fish oil, can help in preventing many different types of cancers.

The estimates show that approximately 40.000 people per year in the United States alone are going to get kidney cancer. That's 40,000 people every single year! And that's just for kidney cancer.

A large study done at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden has shown that eating fish high in the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA can reduce cancer risk significantly. The study was initiated in the 1980s and involved 90.000 Swedish women. By 2004, the women consuming fatty fish most often were 74% less likely to develop cancer than the women not consuming much fish.

The Swedish researchers also found that eating non-fatty, lean fish afforded no protection whatsoever against cancer. The scientists concluded that a high intake of omega-3 fatty acids decrease our chances of getting cancer and that a high intake of omega six fatty acids increase our chances of getting cancer.

Personally, as someone who has had quite a few health problems in the past, including inflammation, bronchial asthma and severe allergies, I have taken a hard-line approach. I simply eliminated all the superfluous omega six fats from my diet. That means no corn oil, sunflower seed oil, chips or other junk food. At the same time, I began to take high-quality molecularly distilled fish capsules everyday.

I can happily say that after more than two years of following this protocol, I've almost forgotten about those days when I used to get up every day and think "here we go again," another day of feeling tired, having aches and pains and bronchial spasms!

I certainly don't believe that DHA/EPA capsules are a panacea, or that they will solve all of our health problems. But after having tried a lot of the supplements over the years and especially over the last two years, I believe that molecularly distilled fish oil is one of the most indispensable supplements that I have discovered. I also feel confident that I'm giving my body the best nutrition to minimize my chances of getting anything as serious as cancer.

The final step came when I discovered the unique fish oil made in New Zealand, which ended up outperforming all of the other omega 3 supplements that I had tried, both in the way that I feel after taking it and in my blood-test results. And believe me, I've tried some of the best and most expensive fish oils available in Europe. I can honestly give this fish oil my wholehearted recommendation.

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