After suffering from severe seasonal allergies for about 8 years and trying everything I could find to get relief, I finally came to the following conclusion: that although certain supplements, like a molecularly distilled fish oil high in EPA and DHA can be indispensable in treating allergies, you have to adopt a holistic approach in order to finally leave seasonal allergies behind for good. I know it's possible. I've done it!

Here are two tips to help you on your way:

1. Take a high-quality fish oil. Allergies are related to inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation is exacerbated by eating too many things rich in omega 6 fatty acids, like fried foods, corn oil, sunflower oil, etc... Fish oil is high in DHA and EPA, the omega 3 fatty acids that decrease inflammation in our bodies and strengthen our immune systems by re-balancing our fatty acid profile and increasing the ratio of beneficial omega 3 acids to the damaging omega 6 acids.

2. Avoid inflammation-causing foods. I have found that there are 3 food categories that you must avoid almost 100% in order to help yourself with allergies. Those are, yeast, excessive simple carbohydrates (sweet fruits like melons, bananas and grapes) and dairy products. Avoiding wheat and soy products is also helpful, just in case you have a food-specific allergy.

Yeast and dairy products are two of the most allergenic foods in the food chain. Yeast, in particular can make your body become more sensitive to inhaled pollens and chemicals. Dairy products contain a lot of mucus, which can cause increased phlegm and therefore respiratory problems.

I used to get bronchial spasms right after eating or drinking anything fermented, and mucus in my lungs after eating dairy products. So I eliminated them from my diet and added a superior quality molecularly distilled omega 3 supplement, with great results!

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