It's no secret that many kids growing up today eat way too much junk food. Chips, fried foods, Doritos, you name it, they eat it. It's also no secret that many of these junk foods have a lot of cholesterol. Sadly, it's not always possible for parents to control what their kids eat, especially when the kids are at school or over at a friend's place.

Here are 3 reasons to start giving your children a good omega 3 fish oil supplement every day:

1. Omega 3 supplements lower cholesterol while at the same time giving your child the good fats its body needs to be healthy and perform well in school. Omega 3 supplements actually reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, making up for some of the damage done by all the unhealthy foods! They raise the ratio of good fats to bad, thereby increasing overall health.

2. Fish oil is "brain food." Fish fat contains DHA, a healthy fat which is an essential part of the brain. Taking omega-3 supplements high in DHA can help your child perform better in school and avoid ADHD symptoms such as hyperactivity, inability to concentrate and impulsive behavior. And, of course, all the inconveniences that go with them.

3. Omega 3 supplements can improve vision in children. This is because the retina in the back of the eye is very high in omega 3 fatty acids. Quite a few scientific studies have been done which show that children whose diets are high in omega 3's have better vision than those children whose diets are poor in omega 3's.

For these reasons, I believe that every parent concerned about the long-term health of his or her kids should be supplementing their diets with a good quality omega 3 supplement. Make sure that before you buy, you compare the purity and potency of the product you buy. Many products have tested positive for mercury and PCB contamination and should definitely be avoided. Choose a pure, clean and effective molecularly distilled fish oil and you can't go wrong.

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