First dates can be the beginning of many things; a friendship, relationship, or marriage. When a woman agrees to go on a date with you, she obviously considers you a potential candidate for at least one of the above things. The truth is that dating in today’s society is complicated because women look for varying qualities in men. However, if you are given the opportunity to date a lady for the first time you should make sure to utilize it wisely. First dates are exciting but not all men make it to the second date. If you are planning on going on a first date soon and want to make sure that it goes really well, here are some fantastic tips to help you:

Tip #1 Know your Motive
Before going on the first date you should ask yourself few questions. Are you looking for a lifetime partner or a sexual relationship only? If you have a clear objective on what you want, you will be able to determine the effort that you need to put in place to achieve your objective. Going out without a clear motive is like an interviewer who calls people for an interview without a specific job in mind. That will be a complete waste of time.

Tip #2 Choose Appropriate Date Venue
Choose a location that is appropriate for a first date. You can take her for dinner at a quiet restaurant so you can have a good conversation (where you can hear each other) and then later to somewhere fun as this will give you a chance to get to know her better. Comedy clubs are a great place for a first date –as long as there are moments during the evening where you will have the chance to chat. Most importantly, you should never take your date to a movie on your first date. Staring at a movie screen for two/three hours is not good because you will hardly talk and you will not achieve anything at the end of it all.

Tip #3 Pay
Even if your date offers to pay the bill, insist on paying. Modern day dating has significantly changed whereby there are many instances where the woman pays, however make an effort for at least the first date to show her how responsible and charming you can be -especially if you are the one who initiated the date. Be a gentleman. If she absolutely insists, (some women love contributing) split the bill 50:50 with her.

Tip #4 Dress to Impress
No woman likes to walk beside a shabby looking man. Understand that your dress sense is crucial when making an impression as it says a lot about you. If you make no effort whatsoever, she may think it implies you are lazy. However if you make an effort, she will most likely be more attracted to you and know that you take pride in your appearance. You should wear smart clothes that are well maintained. Without an exception, smart, clean and well-kept clothing are non-negotiable!

Tip #5 Be Organized
When you ask a woman to go out on a date, she expects you to plan everything for the day/evening. It can be a total turn off for a woman when she meets you and then you stay stranded on the streets deciding where to go for the date. Plan in advance organizing a great location and be sure of the specific place where you intend to take her. If you will be doing something different that needs specific clothing, call her in advance so she comes prepared. No one wants to be wearing high heels and a short skirt only to realize later that you are taking her rock climbing!

Tip #6 Compliment Her
It is most likely she dressed her best and put some effort into her appearance for you, so you should offer her a compliment. Make sure that is comes across as genuine and avoid exaggerated compliments and praises as that can get quite overwhelming and uncomfortable on her part. “Beautiful or gorgeous” is better than “smoking hot!”

Tip #7 Act Like a Gentleman
Being a gentleman can go a long way. While gender roles have significantly shifted over time, there are far less men these days who open doors, order the wine, wait for women to get out of a lift first, etc which is always very much noticed and appreciated by women. In the unlikely event she does not like men with these gestures, try to look at her to see if she is comfortable and if she is not, do not continue to do this. Chances are she will absolutely love it.

Tip #8 Take Her Home
After the date, it is always good to drive her home. If you do not own a car, you can take a cab together just to make sure that she gets home safely. That way she will feel you are a responsible and caring guy while also increasing your chances of going on another date with her. After she gets home, you can offer to walk her to the door. If it feels comfortable and the date has gone well, you can give her a kiss. If not, a hug is also good. After all it is just a first date. Resist the urge to go up to her room if you can if you want to show her you respect her –that can always come later.

Tip #9 Follow-up Call
If you felt that the date went well and you think you would like to see her again, when you get home make sure you call or message her thanking her for the fun date and let her know that you had a great time. You don’t need to wait for 3 days to keep her waiting if you want to ask her out again. If you like her, let her know!
You do not have to be rich and famous to find the woman of your dreams. Just follow the first date advice for men tips correctly and you should have great success. Give it a try!

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