We all want to feel good and be at peace during our day. We strive for this and attain it at times, but during the course of our day, we struggle to keep that feeling. We get lost in our day-to-day motions and forget how important it is to come from this place, to exist in this way. We lose the balance we had because we are too busy, worried, stressed, anxious, or any other of the many ways we choose to feel. Finding your way back to feeling that sense of peace, no mater the moment, is a very useful tool. You do not have to wait until your day is done or until something passes in order to feel at peace again. Look at it this way, emotions that are draining are the opposite of peace. Anything that harms your well-being is in effect eliminating the peace you can have. So in order to feel better and find peace in your day-to-day life, you must realize that those emotions are a choice.

We choose how we live; we are in control of this. If we truly want peace in our lives, then we can have this. It doesn’t matter what circumstances we are living in because it is our state of mind we are talking about. Our state of mind controls our emotional state. Our state of mind is a choice. If we choose peace, then our emotions are stable and we do not exist in a place that is harmful to us. We do not experience stress, sadness, anger, or any other type of emotional upheaval. We choose our state of being every day and in every moment. If we choose to live and be in peace, then that is how we will live. If we choose fear, then that is all we will feel. If we choose hatred, then that is how we will perceive the world.

Our perception is tied into how we choose to be. Our emotions are a reflection of how we choose to exist. If you truly want to live in a state of peace daily, then make that choice. Choose to be content by allowing yourself to be. Do not struggle, for that is not of peace. Choose to be accepting of all things, especially yourself, then you are without so much pain. Choose at the utmost to be a part of life in a way that is easy, compatible, and adjustable. Let yourself flow with life. The choices you make can pull you away from feeling peace. However, by choice, at any moment you can and will find it again. This way of existing is not hidden or unavailable, for we all have the option in us to be this way continuously.

Imagine the next time that you feel stressed and overwhelmed that you will instead make the choice to be okay. Let yourself let go of the idea that you are stressed. Let go of the choice to be stressed. Instead, imagine yourself full of peace and acceptance, and choose this. Everyday we make the choices that predetermine our existence on a small scale and a large one, for how we interact with ourselves and our lives determines so much around us. How we interact with others, what they feel from us, and how we then relate, all of this comes down to how we choose to live everyday. Imagine with every choice you make, every decision into how you are, how you feel, and how you see the world, if it all came from a sense of peace? Which it would if that were your choice. How then would your life be? Can you imagine an existence right now where this is so? It is a choice that you can make right now; this can be your life, by simply choosing it be.

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