Secular solutions for women’s economic security include: having fewer kids through birth control and abortion, offering dawn-to-dusk daycare for the ones you accidentally have, and other after-the-fact band aids to moral dilemmas like government funding for food, housing, and healthcare to replace the need for the bum you had the kid with in the first place.

As Catholic biz moms, we know there’s a better way.

The Catholic solution for women’s economic security is simple: get and stay married and obey God in all things.

Faith, strong marriages, and economic security pass from one generation to another. Through our relationships with our spouses and love and attention to our kids we teach them the principles and habits that lead to financial security and relationship success.

But having an intact family does not guarantee fiscal discipline. Ignorance, resistance, poor communication, fear, and original sin can get in the way of being sober with money. We have to be realistic about our financial standing. Instead of drifting off to a land of dreams and sweeping our dismal financial situation under the rug, the best way to deal with it is well, by dealing with it head-on.

Putting on our mom-biz hat can help us even more be a big girl with money.

1) Spending Plan – Just like in your business, make sure you have a monthly spending plan at home. This keeps everyone accountable and deliberate for the spending choices.

2) Savings – Your spending plan, done properly, will allow you to put money away for regular savings, as well as irregular, but inevitable expenses like car repairs, medical expenses, etc. This helps you avoid financial crisis and debt. Building reserves in your business allows you to ride the low times and take advantage of opportunities as they come.

3) Flexibility – The lifestyle needed to generate the money to fund your spending plan must offer flexibility to let you be there for those important family moments. Spending excessive time at work or home distracted with your kids minimally supervised turns over their spiritual and emotional formation to whatever person, video, or television program happens to be in front on them.

Financial security for business owners comes with following basic success principles. Catholic mom-biz owners know you don’t have to choose between financial security and living your vocation.

But you can’t put your head in the sand about financial realities.

Catholic Mompreneurs Biz and Life Tip: List what action steps you need to take to be a big girl with money.

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