Sometimes, we just don't know enough about what we are trying to achieve. Stuart Wilde

The question that I am asked most often is….

How can I be sure that, this time, I achieve the goals that I set?

And my answer is….First, get clear about what is that you want to achieve. You may think this is obvious but, more often than not though, I find that prospective clients who come to me thinking that they are clear about what they want and, in fact, are not.

So, how do you determine if you are clear about what you want?

Start by asking yourself a few simple questions. Can you succinctly state what it is that you want? Can you explain why you want this? How will you feel when you’ve achieved your goal?

Let’s look at an example. Suppose that you want to be rich. Ask yourself what this means. Is it a certain amount of money, or is it specific possessions such as a car or a mansion or maybe a particular life style that you are after? Be clear about what rich means to you.

Next, ask yourself why you want this. Let’s say that you’ve established that rich, to you, means having $1,000,000. Ok. Why do you want this $1,000,000? I am sure that you do not want to simply amass bank notes. What do you want this money for? Is it that you want to exchange the money for luxury vacations, or to become debt free, or buy the home you always dreamed of…go ahead, you fill in the blanks.

What’s next… now that you know What you want and Why?

Once you determine exactly why you want to achieve your goal, establish how achieving this goal makes you feel. This part is always very enlightening. Ask yourself what your life will be like. Picture it if you are visual, feel it if you are sensory, or think it if you have a more cognitive nature. The point is get to the essence of why you want what you want.

What is the Essence?

Essence is the ultimate nature of something i.e. having $1,000,000 makes you feel secure, peaceful and confident. Really dig deep here – experience the essence.

Don’t risk getting more of what you have…

Skimp on getting clear and get more of what you have …Unrealized Goals. We both know you don’t want that! So, go ahead ask yourself 3 simple questions:

1)What is your goal? Be specific!

2)Why do you want to achieve this goal?

3)How will your life be different when you achieve it? Get to the Essence of how you feel.

Invest the time and get clear about what you want up front. Remember that, sooner or later, you will need to do this anyway.

Getting clear about what you want is the 1st step in Goal Achievement. Need some more help? Grab your Free 5 Part mini-course at

Live with Passion!

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