Do you often feel that your cravings are controlling your life? Most likely you want to feel healthy, happy and peaceful but does your actual life experience live up to the level of health, happiness and peacefulness that you seek, or do your tendencies to indulge in harmful foods sabotage your joy? Perhaps in some areas of your life you already feel deep contentment, but there may be another aspect of your life that is driven by your cravings. You can get into the driver’s seat of even the most challenging aspects of your life so that despite any difficulty, you can connect to the peace that exists at your core and maintain freedom from the urge to over-indulge.

Often we feel stuck because that which is driving us to crave unhealthy food or other substances like cigarettes or alcohol, is out of our conscious awareness. We don’t understand why we are continuing to engage in the same unhealthy behaviors over and over again.

Each of us comes into the world with a wound—it is part of our human condition. As we go through life, difficult experiences such as being teased by other children or not getting our Mother’s attention when we wanted it, press upon our wounds and imbed these hurt places deeper into our psyche and the energy field that surrounds and encompasses our physical bodies. Over time, these energetic wounds, left unhealed, can even penetrate the physical body causing physical or mental illness. Each time we allow our wound—or painful place—to dictate our thinking, we are increasing our identification with this aspect of ourselves. We then begin to crave substances such as food, alcohol or drugs to relieve this pain.

At the same time, each of us also enters the world with an incredible jewel of love, more powerful than any wounding, deep in the center of our hearts. How can you confirm that you, in fact, do have such a place of profound beauty inside yourself? If you put your hand on the center of your chest, bow your head, and breathe deeply into this place, you can make contact with an incredible, indescribable, love and light. This light is a secret place that is the doorway for the healing of your cravings. All the higher intelligence that is available through the wisdom of your heart and soul can be experienced when you spend time with your essence in this place. When you allow your deep heart, or Essence, to inform your thinking, your wound begins to heal, and your perceptions become guided by the highest intelligence available to humanity. This intelligence does not belong to just you or me. It is the inspired wisdom for all of creation to tap into and experience the essential unity of all of life, behind our individual selves. This is the place that physicist, Albert Einstein referred to as “the unified field.” Its wisdom seeks to re-inform our perceptions at any given time, but we must make the choice to listen to it. When we listen to the voice of the heart, our conscious thinking changes. The mind is now aligned with the loving heart as opposed to the wounded self. We no longer have to reach for substances that will block out the pain.

From moment to moment we are automatically interpreting our experiences—basically deciding whether the universe is friendly or not. Our decisions are based on whether we are being informed by the wound or by the open, loving heart that is our essential nature of goodness. When the wound informs our thoughts, the wounding is reinforced, thereby growing bigger, more solid and more overwhelming. We may then feel compelled to engage in those behaviors that block ourselves from experiencing this dark force—such as over-eating, over-sleeping or over-working. However, when we make the conscious choice to allow our heart to re-inform our selves, so many new possibilities open up for us. We no longer need to be controlled by fear. We begin to feel safer whether engaging in a conversation with our spouse, parent, boss, client or child. We become more aware of the fact that each of us is contained in a net of safety at the level of the heart and soul, beyond the limitations of the fear-based thoughts of the wound.

The more we can stay attuned to our essential nature of peace, safety and love, the more this new way of relating becomes a habit and the less we are driven by unmanageable cravings. When you look at your life experience through the eye of your heart, you no longer have to force yourself to ignore your cravings or to “be forgiving or grateful.” Instead, you begin to notice the oneness of all of life and spontaneously feel the compassion that is necessary for yourself and others for our desiring nature and the difficulties that we all encounter as we move through our lives. Gratitude is a natural reaction to the realization that you have been given this life, with all its ups and downs, as a gift. The present is learning to appreciate your presence—cultivating your ability to love and honor yourself and your precious life without succumbing to harmful urges or cravings. When we know this special place of peace and safety within ourselves, we become aware that all our cravings pass and we don’t have to act on them.

The truth is we must make the choice of listening to either the wound or the heart over and over again. You can easily determine what voice you are listening to by tuning into your body. If you feel constricted, uneasy or uncomfortable, then most likely you are overly identified with the voice of pain—even if you are not consciously experiencing any particular “wound.” In that moment, make the decision to drop your story and begin to attune to and pay attention to the voice of your heart. Breathe deeply into the center of your chest and sincerely ask to be shown a new reality. You must make the choice to ask for a new way of perceiving from the wisdom of your deep heart and soul. Continue to breathe into your deep heart, place your hand on the center of your chest, and notice any new perceptions that come to you. Notice the sense of relaxation, expansion and spaciousness that automatically follows your connection to your heart and soul. Make a decision to have your next action follow the voice of your heart.

Every time you do this, you strengthen your connection with your heart, and diminish your identification with your wound, your cravings and with the collective wound of humanity. As you hop into the driver’s seat of your life, the quality of your entire experience improves. Unhealthy cravings and addictions melt away and you begin to affect the environment around you in a positive way. Making the choice to view your experiences through the lens of your deep heart creates an opening for true happiness—free from cravings—in every aspect of your life.

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Rena Greenberg is the author of The Right Weigh: Six Steps to Permanent Weight Loss used by over 100,000 People (Hay House Publishing 2006) and The Craving Cure: Break the Hold Carbs and Sweets Have on Your Life (McGraw-Hill 2007). She conducts weight loss seminars using hypnosis at hospitals throughout the area on a regular basis. Rena’s program been featured in over 30 television stories, including nationally on FOX TV.
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