Celebrations invariably take a large scale, people dance joyously and in a very festive mood.

Each of the festivals promotes brotherhood, uniting the entire nation as a whole. The spirit of joyousness is such that it prevails right beyond the festivities, up to many days.

And in essence, these are a welcome break from the quick and fast paced lives that we lead around the year. One simply gets a chance to unwind and relax.

Nevertheless, the true joy of celebrating a festival is with one's family. With the vastly prevalent culture of nuclear families, we often find that kids live away from parents, and siblings living away from each other.

So the festivals allow the entire family to be united as one, as the aura of joyousness and celebration grips the entire country.

At times, even as a family misses out on meeting up with each other during the festivities, they can communicate over the phone. And making a conversation can go great lengths towards nullifying the absence of a family member, who may be living a few thousand kilometers away. One could speak, be in touch, and really feel connected.

In the same coin, gifting too is one of the most beautiful essences of the festive season, and a great way to connect with those who matter the most to you.

Especially on auspicious occasions like festivals, gifting has its own charm.

However the selection of gifts that one makes has a lot to do with the occasion on which one would be giving away a gift, and also upon the recipient. Flowers and sweets do stand out as desirable gifts on occasions like Janmachtami, Diwali or Ganesh Chatuthi, but a saree is a gift that can simply never go out of fashion.

One of the essences of a saree is that it is as elegant as a dress can be, and there could be a saree for every occasion, for everyday wear, office wear, and for special occasions as well.

One may choose to go for a simpler saree in cotton; one may go for a silk saree for special occasions or a designer saree, if the occasion calls for the same.

And one could gift a saree to a lady of any age, irrespective of whether she is a teenager, an office goer, or even an elderly lady. The attiring never goes out of style.

So this Diwali, you may choose to gift a saree to your mother, sister or wife, and it is sure to be a pleasant change.

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