If you're like many people, you might immediately think of contemporary decorating themes and minimalist decorating techniques when you hear the term "feng shui." Although feng shui is often a prime factor in minimalist and Asian styles of decorating, it's important principles can also help bring order and positive energy to other styles of decorating. In fact, the traditionally decorated home can reap many advantages from the application of sound feng shui techniques. Here are some tips you can use to increase the positive energy of your home, regardless of its overall style.

The Challenges of a Traditionally Decorated Home

Just as is the case with all decorating styles, there are certain challenges inherent to the traditionally styled home. As compared to more contemporary decorating styles, traditionally styled homes often feature more knick-knacks and details. Although you certainly wouldn't want to remove all of these decorating details, it's important to consider the effect they might be having upon your home. If you think of your home in terms of being a riverbed, it's easier to understand the concept of how energy flows through it. Consider your front door as the mouth of the river, allowing water to flow into your home. If water would be able to flow freely throughout your home without being stopped by obstacles, then the same would be true for positive energy.

In order to facilitate the free flow of energy, it's best to minimize the number of décor pieces that sit directly on the floor. It's also important not to clutter your horizontal surfaces with too many decorative pieces. Instead, try to simplify your décor, using the walls whenever possible as art display space. By doing so, you'll be able to free up space in your home, making it easier for positive energy to flow through it.

Quick and Easy Feng Shui Tips

Sometimes it's the simple, small changes in your home that can make the biggest difference. If you want to reap the benefits of positive energy, your first step should be clearing clutter from every area of your home. Clutter can be seen as representative of everything that is negative and worrisome in your life. Just as worry and negative thoughts can hold you back, clutter can also tie you down. If you don't use something or absolutely love it, perhaps it's time to throw it away or donate it to charity.

There are also certain decorating items that will work well in a traditionally decorated home while also encouraging positive energy. For example, a beautifully framed mirror can serve as an eye-catching focal point while also helping to draw in positive energy. When choosing a location for a mirror, select a spot where it will naturally reflect things of beauty. However, try not to place a mirror opposite of your home's entryway or in the bedroom.

Fresh flowers should also be part of your home's décor. Flowers will blend beautifully with traditional decorating schemes, while also filling your home with life and positive energy. However, be sure to discard wilted or dying flowers immediately.

Since knick-knacks, photos and other small decorating pieces are a natural part of most traditionally decorated homes, it can be helpful to focus on the ones you truly love. If there are some pieces that you aren't particularly fond of, donate them to charity. Not only will you be creating a more streamlined look, but you'll also be eliminating the negative energy caused by unloved objects.

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