As mentioned in my previous article, here is a little bit more about the philosophy at work in Feng Shui, and its interaction with our lives. Less about wind chimes and more about Karma!

A lot of people nowadays see Feng Shui as either a get-rich-quick scheme, an Asian version of the law of attraction, or a trend in home decoration to improve a general sense of wellbeing. The common idea is that by putting some fancy artefacts in a specific corner, we channel some good intentions and enhance relationships, work or other areas on our lives. The reality of authentic Feng Shui is much more complex, and is not the law of attraction; neither is it based on commercial artefacts. Rather it is a great power at work in our lives, and originally part of a spiritual system.

Feng Shui is one of the three lucks in Taoism. There is no need to be a Taoist to understand those concepts that are spiritual in nature.

The three lucks are defined as follow:

-Heaven luck
-Human luck
-Earth luck.

Let’s have a look at them in detail.

1. Heaven luck: what is your playground?

The concept of Heaven luck refers to fate and destiny. There is a mapping in all our lives. This mapping is determined prior to our birth, and influenced by our karma. Hence the concept of “Heaven luck”: this choice is not made on Earth.

The form of Chinese astrology called BaZi (4 pillars) allows us to see how the Heaven luck works in our lives. It gives us a blueprint, our boundaries as well as our potential.

Here is an example: in term of wealth, Bill Gates has bigger boundaries in his karma than, let’s say, someone who was born and spent all his life in a favela. Such a person can improve their destiny by its hard work, but their limitations are on a totally different scale. Karma has set up the life playground at birth…

Despite this conception that may seem rigid, Heaven luck can be used to improve our lives. How? Firstly the BaZi, once understood, gives some clear directions to follow. Let’s take the example of Miss Lee, 31. She is a weak wood person and therefore needs water and earth in her chart. If she chooses to work as a teacher, a wood profession, she acts according to her blueprint and she is in line with her fate. However if she chooses to go against it and work in banking for example, which is metal in nature, she will experience a very bumpy ride. Our individual chart gives us a clear map, that we can choose to follow or not.

Secondly, the different Chinese oracles can help us to predict about future Heaven luck in our lives. They can help us to boost our natural “luck”. Da Liu Ren, Xuan Guong Da Gua and Qi Men Dun Jia are all both predictive and practical forms of Chinese oracles. Let’s consider the Qi Men Dun Jia a moment. This oracle gives a clear picture of the type of Qi (or Chi) that is in a specific area and time. Used with a travel, it allows us to catch the “good” Qi and then boost our luck.

Qi Men Dun Jia can be used for exams, wealth, relationship or health improvement, like Feng Shui itself. However the effects are both faster and shorter in time. It is like taking a cure of vitamin C in winter to boost our immunity: this is not a permanent solution, but it feels good for a while!

For other purpose like a marriage, the opening of a store or a public announcement, other forms of oracles can be used, like Da Liu Ren. By doing so we align ourselves with the natural order to use the right timing at the right place and tap in the Heaven luck.

2. Human luck: cupcake, ice cream or no dessert today?

With such a mapping of our lives as seen in Chinese astrology, some may think that we have no free will left. This is not the case, as Taoism also talks about Human luck.

Human luck is about choosing which path we take, and how we shape our destiny. Our karma indicates a way: but to take it or not is part of our free will, to some extent. This is how we build a different karma! Without free will there will be no choice, therefore no concept of karma…

Traditionally a Taoist was trying to be virtuous and to live according to a code of conduct. Such a person had no problem accepting his karma. However nowadays our lives offer much more options and endless choices, which all affect our destiny. Certainly in old China they did not have to choose between fast food and healthy diet, Facebook chat or study time, stay in the UK or move to the USA!

Free will or Human luck is therefore part of our lives as well. Some events are written in stone and some others are a matter of choice. For example if the company where Miss Lee work goes bankrupt, she has no power over it: it was part of her fate at this time. The next work she will choose to apply for, or not, is however her free will.

3. Earth Luck: where should I live?

Finally, a third of our lives is influenced by Earth luck. The places where we live and work therefore greatly influence our lives. Earth luck is the one Feng Shui deal with. For most people who are not aware of Feng Shui, it is not possible to know which part of their life comes from their place.

However all of us have seen very different outcomes after we moved in a new place. Likewise, Feng Shui can make or break a business, even if it is a successful franchise (I have personally seen it with a Calvin Klein store in Malaysia).

Nevertheless, the great strength of Feng Shui is that once properly used, it works for us in silence. Heaven luck and Human luck involve decision making and action. In the case of Feng Shui, once a place is harmonized for the occupants it works for them, constantly and effortlessly.

4. Melting pot: the 3 lucks at work together!

Those concepts should not be considered separately as they endlessly interact with each others.

For example, let’s consider that Miss Lee is about to choose a new house to live in. Her luck period has just changed, as seen through her BaZi. This means the influence of her karma, and fate, will bring a different outcome for the next 10 years, until she reaches 41. This period is more challenging, and brings a lot of fire elements to the picture. Miss Lee is very sensitive to fire as she is a weak wood person. This is the reason why she has lost her job, and will soon get a new one.

Because of this less auspicious period, she will end up choosing a nice house with hidden problems related to the fire element. The street light and red billboard located in the south part nearby the house are both strong fire elements. Because of her karma reflected in her luck period she has chosen this house that will trigger the fire-related problems of her chart: skin, eyes or heart problem, as well as professional matters. The house triggers her Karma, in other words.

However, if she had deciphered her BaZi, she would have known about this period, and be especially wary of such a house. Also, if this year brings some “helpful people” in her chart (through Heaven luck), like a skilled Feng Shui consultant, she will be able to overwrite this problem.

So here is the chain of events:

-potential, good or bad, lay in the personal chart and is given through Heaven luck;

-free will, the Human luck, triggers the problem, or helps us to find the solution;

-Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and oracles can all be used to ease the difficult periods and enhance the good ones. By using Heaven and Human luck they create a better future and a better karma.

This is the reason why there cannot be any efficient Feng Shui without knowing the chart of the people involved. I hope that from now on you will have a better view on the beauty and complexity of the system.

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Laurent Langlais is an accredited expert in Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and date selection. He was trained by a Chinese lineage in Asia. He has helped countless businesses and home owners to improve their lives and invite prosperity for good. No case is too small or too big for him. He is based in London UK and in Vancouver BC, Canada and consults internationally.
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