As a general rule, plants and flowers can be used to increase the level of positive energy in the home. Because plants are living things, they can help to counteract the negative effects of synthetic decorating materials and electrical appliances throughout the home. However, there are definitely ways to use flowers in a more advantageous manner, as compared to simply scattering a few random potted plants around your home. Here are a few tips you can use to create more positive energy within your home through the use of flowers.

Cut Flowers

If you don't have a "green thumb," you can opt for cut flower arrangements instead of growing actual live plants. However, it's important to remember to always keep cut flowers fresh, because wilted or dying cut plant material can have a negative effect on your home's chi energy level. Each day you should add fresh water to the vase and remove any wilted or dead blossoms. Although you might think dried flower arrangements are attractive and convenient, they are not the best choice if you're trying to increase the level of positive energy in your home. If you simply must use artificial floral arrangements, avoid flowers made from plastic. Instead, choose artificial blossoms made from paper or silk. However, you shouldn't expect even the finest quality of artificial flowers to increase your home's chi level as much as real flowers would.

Potted Flowering Plants

If you're looking for an easy and beautiful way to increase the energy level of your home, flowering potted plants can be the perfect solution. For example, a pot of African violets can definitely increase your home's fire chi level. Poinsettia plants are another flower that is associated with fire energy. Both of these plants would be good choices if you want to increase your level of public recognition and attention. On the other hand, flowers such as cyclamen are good for attracting more passion to your life since they are high in earth chi. A beautiful white cyclamen can encourage a stable love relationship, while one with vivid pink or red blooms can bring romantic excitement.

Leaf Shape

In addition to the effect that the flowers can have on your home, the leaf shape of your indoor potted plants can also impact its chi energy. As a general rule, plants with rounded leaves are a better choice as compared to ones that have sharp spiked leaves if you're trying to create a calming and relaxing effect throughout your home. However, if you want to speed up the movement of chi energy, a plant with pointed leaves could be the perfect choice. Bushy plants have a tendency to slow down fast-moving energy. Because of this fact, a bushy plant wouldn't be the best choice for an area that tends to be somewhat stagnant. Prickly plants or those that have pointed leaves are a good source of fire energy, while low-growing plants encourage earth chi. If you want to increase the level of metal chi energy throughout your home, look for plants that have small rounded leaves that resemble coins. Regardless of the shape of the leaves, a plant that has flowers will add more energy as compared to a simple foliage plant, due to the energy of the flower color itself.

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